How to watch AT&T TV NOW outside the US

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What is AT&T TV Now, and how can I watch it?

AT&T TV Now is a multichannel streaming network.

It might seem like a reasonably new addition to the online channels and networks, launched in March 2020, but it’s been operating under the banner of DirecTV Now since 2016.

The service operates primarily as an app you download to smartphones, tablets, streaming players or is built into smart TVs. It has a comprehensive line-up that includes the four major US broadcast networks. It also features many of the major news networks, a generous handful of the sports channels and a mass of entertainment channels. 

But what’s for sure is, there are heaps of channels up for grabs. You’ll have to choose from a couple of different price packages, though, so be sure you know what you’re signing up for. With Now Plus, there are over 45 channels, and with Now Max, there are well over 60.

You’ll have access to a selection of the big-name channels: ABC, CNN, HBO, CBS, Showtime, Cinemax, ESPN, Disney, MTV, Fox, and more.

On top of all those impressive channels, there are also over 55,000 on-demand titles to back up your live viewing.

With each AT&T TV Now account you can record 500 hours of streaming TV as part of their cloud DVR feature.

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