A first of it’s kind, StreamLocator comes with a special router with built in technology to automatically allow access to geoblocked streaming services on any device. This unique technology allows for instant plug and play setup and far more reliability than VPN apps or DNS services.


Plug and Play


Supports all devices instantly


Multiple Netflix Regions

Watch Multiple Netflix Regions and the
Most Popular Streaming Services

Access any supported streaming service by appearing in the correct location on any device. For some streaming services like Netflix, you can select between several regions to access 1000’s of additional titles not offered in your current country. See the full list here.


Simple to Setup and Use

StreamLocator is the easiest way to access geo restricted streaming services. There are no network settings to change, nothing to configure. Just plug the StreamLocator router into your existing router and join the new network to start streaming… That’s it!

Step 1: Plug into existing router

Step 2: Join new StreamLocator network

Online Portal to Change Netflix Regions

Some services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have different movie and TV catalogs for each region. Use the online portal to switch between regions.


A Better and More
Reliable Experience

Netflix support

Connect between multiple Netflix regions on any device unlocking 1000’s of extra movies.

Works with all devices

Any device can join your StreamLocator network and start streaming immediately

Different users & different regions at the same time

You can stream Netflix in the US on one device while someone else streams BBC in the UK on another, all at the same time.

Fastest speeds

Internet speed is unchanged. Only geo checks are rerouted.

StreamLocator vs VPN apps
and DNS services



StreamLocator Router Included

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  • Money back guarantee
  • 24 hour Support
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