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Access international catalogs from Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and multiple Netflix countries and more…

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Never miss a game again

Watch live sports on your big screen TV in high definition, get more games for less.

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Works on Everything!

Works on every device, even those VPN apps DO NOT work with

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Here’s how it works…

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    We send you a StreamLocator Hub.
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    You plug it into the router you already own.
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    Connect any device to the StreamLocator network to instantly stream geo-blocked content. No complex installation, no confusion.

StreamLocator HUB

Dual band gigabit hub that removes streaming geo-blocks for any device on your home network

12 months included • US$5.83/month after

30 days No Hassle Return

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What customers say about StreamLocator:

  • Ditch you Sky & Virgin subscriptions

    This box is brilliant. Finally a chance to legally stream from the broadcasters themselves. You can save yourself a fortune and also get a much wider selection of TV. Dazn, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock to name a few. Great community set up too that are happy to answer any question you have with immediate answers. 100% recommended.

    John O.

  • Streamlocator is easy to set up, requires no further action from me and always works

    I am not in UK or USA. I want access to BBC iPlayer, US Netflix and other American streaming services. Smart DNS and VPNs are "hit & miss" but Streamlocator is easy to set up, requires no further action from me and always works. I have it only a few weeks but am delighted with it so far. I have recommended it to a friend.

    Fergus L.

  • No Brainer

    From delivery through set up to watching content in 10 minutes. Whats not to like? A simple solution to a frustrating problem. No more messing with VPNs, logging in and out of servers in different countries, buffering because of slow speeds etc. Highly recommend.

    Iain G.

  • Every Streamers dream

    A fantastic piece of kit that works effortlessly in the background to give unparalleled access to over 50 streaming services from around the world. Set up is a piece of cake. Highly recommended.

    Tariq H.

  • Does exactly what it says it does

    A real game changer when it comes to streaming, vpns are now redundant, I love my sport the streamlocator along with DAZN and Ssport allows quality streaming of all Premier league and other sports for affordable prices

    Arden D.

  • Serious piece of equipment

    If you love streaming then this hub is for you. It is absolutely amazing. And the online support is second to none. Literally reply in seconds. Cannot praise the whole setup highly enough.

    David G.

  • Works well

    Setup was easy and straightforward. The item works well, connecting to USA netflix, works 100% without any problems, I would highly recommend this if you want to connect to USA and other foreign channels, its a great alternative to a vpn.

    Colin S

  • StreamLocator

    This is a revelation to streaming, tried a few devices over the years but the streamlocator is a breath of fresh the support is helpful. Highly recommend , an excellent piece of kit 👍

    Robert M.

  • Great customer service

    Great customer service, easy set up, & great content to watch when you set up your Stream Locator. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to watch live sports/ tv shows/movies. For the price you pay you will soon realise what a bargain you got.

    Patrick B.

  • This expat is happy

    I can finally fully access Amazon Prime video services as well as others. I’ve tried several VPN’s without success. Streamlocator easily solved the problem. Prime video, Netflix, Disney+ are fully available. No restrictions on content. I’m very satisfied with the device.

    Joe B.

  • Works extremely well

    Works extremely well without having to change DNS settings on individual devices. Easy to set up and full instructions for use and services supported.

    Gary D.

  • What a piece of kit 👍👍👍

    I was skeptical seeing the ads on Facebook about this. Decided to take the plunge and buy one. Was added to the discord group and haven’t looked back allows me to watch world wide content and legally. Brillaint lads keep up the good work.

    Darren T.

  • 5 star product and service

    Arrived promptly. Very easy to set up and determine which country servers were needed for specific streams. All of the standard servers for channels sych as iPlayer etc all worked without any need for adjustment. Already recommended to others here in Italy.

    Bryan A.

  • Great product, great service

    I was a little scepticle on purchasing this through Facbook promotion. However, I was impressed with delivery and after sales service. I needed a few questions answered and the response was fast and the help was fantastic.

    Anthony M.

12 months included • US$5.83/month after

Order now

30 days No Hassle Return

No more buffering!

StreamLocator doesn’t slow down your connection. So you can pretty much forget about buffering.

The StreamLocator Hub is built to bring the speed you need to stream interruption-free even if you’re streaming in 4K Ultra HD.

  • StreamLocator
    SpeedTest demo of StreamLocator
  • VPN
    SpeedTest demo of VPN

StreamLocator Hub works where VPN and DNS services fail…

StreamLocator Hub requires no technical skills, and works with all devices and supported streaming services.

  • StreamLocatorVPNDNS
  • Easy Guided Setup
  • No configuration required
  • Works with Netflix (on all devices)
  • Works with Roku
  • Works with Smart TVs
  • Works with Gaming Consoles
  • No network slowdowns
  • Unlimited Devices

12 months included • US$5.83/month after

Order now

30 days No Hassle Return

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What makes us streaming experts

  • rocketSuper fast streaming with our proprietary hybrid-proxy technology
  • Purposely built global reliable streaming network
  • Immediate, kind and professional customer support

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this hide your IP like a VPN?No, the StreamLocator app is not a VPN and only helps you unblock geo-restrcited streaming services. It will not help you hide from your ISP and does not affect your IP in any way. It takes the the ease of use of VPN's and the speed and reliability of DNS services and combines them into one package that does not require any additional software or complex setup to start watching.
  • Does StreamLocator let me watch paid streaming services for free?No, StreamLocator only unblocks geo-restricted content on streaming services you already have an account with. While some services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others require a paid subscription, many services StreamLocator supports like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Zattoo and more are completely free to watch!
  • Will this affect my network speeds?No, unlike a VPN the StreamLocator Hub will not affect your current network speeds and will preserve the speed you are already receiving. The speeds you will see depend on the speed you receive from your internet service provider.
  • Which devices can I use StreamLocator with?Any Wi-Fi enabled devices will work. This includes all major Smart TV's, phones, tablets, computer and streaming boxes.
  • Will this work with my Smart TV, Roku or gaming console?Yes it will! Our smart Hub works with all major Smart TV's, Roku, Xbox and Playstation devices without the need to configure anything. Just connect your TV or Roku to the StreamLocator Wi-Fi and start enjoying unblocked service with any of the streaming services we support.
  • Is there a limit on the number of devices I can use with StreamLocator at once?Absolutly not! You can connect as many devices as you own and use them all with StreamLocator at once. We will never limit the amount of devices that can be used.
  • Which streaming services does the StreamLocator Hub support?StreamLocator supports 60+ streaming services from around the world and we strive to add more on a regular basis. You can see them all on our supported services page.

FREE 12 months included with StreamLocator Hub

Get the included 12 months when you purchase the StreamLocator Hub for just USD$149.95 (US$5.95/month after )

Try it for 30 days and if you don’t love it, just let us know for a full refund.

  • Unlimited devices on your network
  • 30 days to try it out