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What is CBS Sports, and how can I watch it?

CBS Sports is part of the CBS television and radio network, delivering premier sports viewing to the American population. CBS is one of America’s leading television networks; they offer some of the finest TV you’re likely to see, and their sports coverage is no exception.

If you’re looking for the top end of sports tournaments and coverage, beamed out to viewers with the most polished production, outstanding camerawork and superb on-screen presentation, then CBS is for you. You’ll find the best original studio programming and over 380 live sporting events.

You’ll find coverage of the very best professional and college sports, including everything from the Superbowl and PGA Tour Golf to College football and professional bull riding!

If you’re a true sports fan, you’ll know that with CBS Sports you can access all the very best in basketball, football, golf and more, including the latest from the PGA, NFL, SEC, NCAA, BIG3, WNBA and the NWSL.

But that’s not all; previous CBS Sports programing includes Thoroughbred Racing, the Summer and Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup soccer, NASCAR racing, international tennis, Formula One and Indy racing, Tour de France cycling and so much more. You can’t ever be sure what’s around the corner on CBS Sports, but one thing’s for certain—there’ll never be a shortage of superb sports action to keep you enthralled.

You can watch CBS Sports using a variety of cable and satellite services, and also stream it online via a range of means and devices.

How can I watch CBS Sports with StreamLocator?

StreamLocator provides a superb and seamless method to make CBS Sports believe you’re in the USA—and that allows viewers from anywhere in the world access to all of their content.

Utilizing a combination of cutting-edge technologies integrated into a unique router box, you’re provided with a location to make it look like you’re exactly where you need to be.

With the business end of your stream taken care of, all it leaves for you is to sit back and soak up the action!

It takes all the hard work out of accessing international viewing

You don’t need to worry about installing new software. Nor do you have to dig deep into changing complicated settings or switching servers. Your StreamLocator router does all the hard work for you.

Not only that, but it will work on every one of your devices. That’s right! Our smart router creates fluid connectivity with your Apple iOS and Android devices, every games console you can think of, Amazon Fire TV stick, Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, and anything else you’d use to connect to the Internet.

Our smart hub integrates with ease into your existing WiFi router, plugging straight into any of its available ports. Your network speed isn’t affected in the slightest, and neither is your usual Internet use or offline activity.

You can connect to it throughout your home, with as many different devices connecting to as many different countries as you need. There’s no limit, so everybody can watch whatever they want. How about that for keeping the whole family happy!

How to watch CBS Sports from outside the USA

When you stream CBS Sports, their software uses geolocation technology to make sure you’re in the US and an appropriate viewer to access their services. VPN technology or DNS switchers can be used to hide you or create false locations; each will help gain access to protected streams.

And that’s what you’ll have to do to watch any of the CBS Sports live coverage, or download anything from their massive back-catalogue of viewing. Fortunately, StreamLocator makes dodging those server location requirements a piece of cake!

How to register for CBS Sports from outside the USA

CBS Sports is included in a range of TV services and packages or added as part of a bundle in others. You’ll have to register with one of them to access the coverage or subscribe directly to CBS or the CBS Sports Network to view it via their streaming systems.

However, once you’ve cracked the geolocation blockers into believing you’re in the USA, you can register an account, organize your subscription where one is required, and the online content available from their website is yours for the watching.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch CBS Sports from outside the USA?

You will need some kind of geolocation fix to access CBS Sports content. A VPN, Smart DNS or DNS switcher provides the workaround to allow you to watch any of the CBS channels.

VPN is a great option to protect yourself when viewing content or sharing network access in public areas. It will help you fend off hackers and prying eyes when you’re using hotel, airport, café or other public WiFi access locations.

However, the easiest way by far to access any location-protected service from home is with a StreamLocator router.

It takes care of all the settings, automatically recognizing what’s required by the server and connecting you with the best option. With your new location sent to the server without you having to lift a finger, the services and programs you want to watch are unlocked and ready to view.

How to unblock CBS Sports

Unblocking CBS Sports, wherever you are, is easy with StreamLocator.

Simply plug it into one of the empty ports on your WiFi router, and your device automatically recognizes a new ‘StreamLocator’ network. Select that and stream your content as you usually would.

We’ve made it the easiest way possible to view every last drop of international content.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch CBS Sports for free?

StreamLocator allows access to all of CBS Sport’s services, but you won’t be able to view paid content without a valid account and subscription.

2020 current programs on CBS Sports in the USA

  • PGA Tour Golf, including The Masters and the PGA Championship
  • CBS Sports Spectacular
  • Sun Bowl college football
  • SEC college football
  • Road to the Final Four – NCAA Division 1 basketball
  • NCAA basketball tournament
  • NFL football
  • Superbowl
  • Professional Bull Riders
  • BIG3 basketball
  • WNBA basketball
  • Tennis on CBS
  • World Dream Tennis
  • Davis Cup tennis
  • NWSL women’s soccer