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How to watch NBA League Pass for $19.99/year and avoid blackouts

What is NBA League Pass, and how can I watch it?

NBA League Pass is an international subscription service that allows basketball obsessed fans to watch every single game during the regular season, preseason and the playoffs, live or on-demand avoiding those annoying blackouts.

Not only do customers gain access to the current season’s games, NBA League Pass gives customers access to NBA classic games showing NBA finals going back to the year 2000. On top of that it also includes a variety of NBA original TV shows including Shaqtin’ a Fool, Beyond the Pain, Game Time and Basketball stories giving customers hours of basketball content at their fingertips.

And the best thing? NBA League Pass in India is just $19.99/year and StreamLocator can help you access it.

NBA League Pass also gives you access to in-stream stats and graphics so you can check the box score without leaving the stream. Access home and away feeds so you can listen to your favorite team’s commentary including multiple languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese and Korean). NBA TV live allows you to stay informed with 24/7 coverage including game analysis, trade breakdowns and more. Access to condensed replays in case you missed the game live and you’re tight for time - you can try out the condensed game replays to catch you up on the game’s biggest moments.

The NBA League Pass app is available to stream on IOS mobile app, Android mobile app, Android TV, Apple TV, Xbox One and Xbox Series, Roku, Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, Chromecast. Amazon Fire TV and Firestick meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re at home or on the go you can keep up to date with everything going on on the NBA League Pass.

Still not convinced? NBA League Pass Free Trial offers new customers 7 days of access to the service allowing you to check out all that is on offer before you part ways with your hard-earned cash.

StreamLocator fixes the blackout issue for everyone

Whether you’re in the US or Canada, it’s the local provider (your Regional Sports Network) that holds the viewing rights to your local games. That means yet another service to sign up to for your team’s home games.

Streaming services conform to the same restrictions as they do on TV, but this time, using geo-location tracking to spot where the streams are being accessed. Sadly, it’s the same outcome—if your games are in-market, you’re blocked!

With StreamLocator providing a virtual out-of-market location, your local games are beamed seamlessly into your home and to your devices. How’s that for an all-inclusive solution to an array of viewing problems?

How can I watch NBA League Pass India with StreamLocator?

NBA's servers need to know precisely where their viewers are, to know which games they’re permitted to watch. Online, they do this via a system called geo-location tracking. They detect the viewer’s IP address, which places them in a specific country or region. With that information, they block in-market games but permit any out-of-market games for your location.

StreamLocator communicates with the NBA servers and provides them with an alternative location for its subscribers, making them appear out-of-market for their blocking software. Better still, it does it without you even knowing it's happening. Just sit back, sign in, and soak up the action!

No complicated settings or software installation required

If watching basketball is all you care about, then you probably don’t need to know how our system works, but when you do, it could open doors to all kinds of alternative content you’re currently missing out on.

We designed a system where our subscribers don’t have to download software or input complicated profiles or settings on all of their devices. We also made sure it would work with the Smart TVs and closed system devices that VPN and Smart DNS services didn’t provide apps for or workarounds. That means you can wave goodbye to all the usual complications with having to remember to turn it on or work your way through the locations until you find one that works.

If you’re a full-on sports addict, StreamLocator provides blackout workarounds for football, hockey, and basketball. How attractive is our little white smart hub looking now?

As well as sport, it unblocks masses of other location restricted content, from different country’s Netflix and Prime catalogs, to American, British, African, and European services, from mainstream shows and movies to specialist documentaries and news.

We believe that our smart hub is by far the best plug-and-play system on the market. Given it works with your WiFi router, it automatically supports all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, and games consoles.

Finally, StreamLocator doesn’t limit the number of connections you use at any one time, either. If everyone in your house wants to access a different service in a different country at once, on every device they’ve got—they can!

How to watch NBA League Pass India from anywhere in the world

Providing a virtual location to sidestep geo-blockades used to be best left to VPN and Smart DNS services. Now, the times are changing; we’re here to provide a better, more efficient option.

Our system never slows down your Internet speeds, unlike some VPN services that route you through busy or slow server locations. If we say we’ve cracked the service you need, then you’ll always get the access you need, even when other services prove unreliable.

There’s nothing more frustrating than buffering and bad connections during a big game, so why leave it to chance? Leave the heavy lifting to StreamLocator, and you’ll never be disappointed.

How to register for NBA League Pass from outside India

NBA League Pass in India is a bargain price of ₹1499.00 which converts to around $19.99 USD a year!

You can subscribe to the NBA League Pass in India through their website or app and sign up using your current credit card and billing details or Google/Apple Pay.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch NBA League Pass India from outside the US?

While, until recently, they’ve been the commonly accepted methods for bypassing location blocks, they haven’t been the only ways to get around the geo-location tracking problem.

As you now know, we believe StreamLocator to be far superior to all methods, making light work of accessing all the games you want to watch, wherever you are.

How to unblock NBA League Pass India

First step is to grab your own StreamLocator Hub.

When it arrives, plug it into any of the open ports on your WiFi router; follow a few simple instructions to activate your subscription, and that’s pretty much all it takes.

From then on, instead of connecting using your regular WiFi option, you’ll find a new one—STREAMLOCATOR— in your list. Switch over to that, and that’s it. We do the rest. Just access the apps and websites as you normally would, and leave the rest to our ingenious system.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch NBA League Pass India for free?

You’ll always need a subscription to access NBA’s range of streaming services, but what you won’t need from now on are subscriptions to different TV channels and networks to watch your team’s regional and national games. They’re all—finally—available in a single, easy and affordable way to access platform.