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What is Britbox?

If you love the British lifestyle, Britbox US streaming service is a perfect way for you to indulge yourself in the British culture. Created by BBC and ITV, Britbox US is an American streaming service holding the largest collection of British TV for everyone to watch their favorite show.

Britbox US holds the classics such as Pride and Prejudice, Doctor Who and Downton Abbey, each of these bringing their viewers into a new world. The content is engaging and fun where many re-watch these movies and shows numerous times.

Britbox US holds limited access to its viewers and especially to those outside of the US who want to watch these blockbuster series’. Luckily, there is a solution to this problem.

How can I watch Britbox from outside of the US?

StreamLocator provides a unique system where Britbox will think you are in the US wherever you might be in the world.

With this system, our service allows you to watch any show or movie as easily as watching any content from your own country.

No complicated settings or software installation required

There is no software to install on your device and no server settings to change with StreamLocator. Once activated, it will always work for you quietly in the background.

It works with any portable device, as well as streaming services like Fire TV or Roku devices.

When using StreamLocator, you will have the same connectivity as your existing WiFi and can connect to as many devices as needed. Each device can access a different service in a different country and StreamLocator handles the location switch for everyone.

Our hardware comes with your subscription and plugs into any available port of your existing WiFi router. It does not impact your internet speed nor does it interfere with any other online activities.

How to watch Britbox outside of the US

Britbox uses geolocation technology to ensure their viewers are using their service within their own regions. This makes it a challenge for people to watch specific shows that are only available in different countries.

In most cases, people would choose to activate a Smart VPN that allows them to achieve access to their favourite shows.

StreamLocator does not require you to change complicated DNS settings or install VPN apps on every single device. By installing StreamLocator within your home, you can easily switch your location and access shows as if you were watching your own country’s content.

How to register for Britbox from outside the US

Britbox US has a 30 day free trial for their service. Britbox US can be used through many devices such as iPhone, Android and various streaming boxes. You can try Britbox’s service and see if you like their offer.

Once you are comfortable and want to continue your service with Britbox US, this is where StreamLocator comes in. After creating your account you will be able to login to Britbox US from anywhere.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch Britbox from outside the US?

Typically, most people have been using VPN’s and DNS services as standard workarounds to mask locations or make servers see them in another country. You would have had to use one of those options to access geographically restricted viewing.

StreamLocator is unique where our system combines multiple methods of accessing servers or switching your location. Our system saves you from the trouble of needing other services or messing around with apps or configurations to access your favorite shows.

How to unblock US Britbox

StreamLocator will allow you to unblock Britbox US as soon as you plug in our smart router and register your account.

If your connection doesn’t happen right away or is redirected to your country’s version, browse to the router panel and click the streaming tab. There is a list of countries to choose from and once you select the US, you are connected.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch Britbox for free?

You will need to pay for a subscription for each Britbox country selected. It is easy to set up and rolls on a month-to-month subscription system allowing flexibility for your payments.