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What is STIRR?

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to watch live TV for free, where you can access breaking news, live sports or movies? This dream is real and by using STIRR, you will be able to watch everything from the comfort of your own home. Some of their coverage consists of action movies, documentaries and music concerts.

STIRR will only provide coverage for the US causing limited access to viewers who want to watch live TV in another country. In this case, StreamLocator can help with an easy step process to access STIRR’s live TV anywhere in the world.

How can I watch STIRR outside of the US?

StreamLocator provides a unique system where STIRR TV will think you are in the US no matter your location.

This system allows you to watch any show, movie or live content as if you are watching it in your own country.

No complicated settings or software installation required

There is no software to install on your device and no need to change server settings when using StreamLocator. Once activating the device, it will work for you quietly in the background.

Our system works on any portable device, as well as streaming services like Roku or Netflix.

StreamLocator provides the same connectivity as your existing WiFi and connects to as many devices as needed. Each device accesses a different service within a different country and StreamLocator handles the location switch for everyone.

After subscribing to StreamLocator, you will obtain hardware that plugs into any available port of your existing WiFi router. StreamLocator has no effect on internet speed and does not interfere with any other online activities.

How to watch STIRR outside of the US

STIRR uses geolocation technology to ensure their viewers are using the service within their countries. Challenges arise because people want to watch shows that are only available in certain countries.

Normally, people would activate a VPN to access their favourite shows.

With StreamLocator, we do not require a change to complicated DNS settings or install VPN apps on devices. Once you have StreamLocator set-up, the location switch is very easy where you can access shows as if you are watching your own country’s content.

How to register for STIRR outside of the US

STIRR is free but you need to register an account to access the service through devices such as iPhone, Android and various streaming boxes. Once you make an account with StreamLocator you can login to STIRR from any location.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch STIRR outside of the US?

Most people use VPN’s and DNS services to mask locations for servers to see them in another location. Typically, you would have had to use those options to access geographically restricted viewing.

StreamLocator is unique where our system combines multiple methods of accessing servers and switching locations. Our system saves the trouble of needing other apps or configurations to access shows.

How to unblock STIRR

Once StreamLocator subscription begins, STIRR is unblocked after plugging in our smart router and registering for your account. STIRR is a single country service where StreamLocator will redirect you to the US when accessing the service.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch STIRR for free?

STIRR is a free service where all you need to do is set up your account to watch all your favourite shows. This allows you to watch any live news, concerts or movies where you can enjoy an easy set up with a big bag of popcorn.