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What is The UK Roku Channel, and how can I watch it?

Roku is one of the best-selling and most popular streaming devices in the USA, providing access to thousands of TV shows, movies, live streams, and channels. An open-platform system, Roku devices allow providers to create their own ‘channel’, with viewers choosing which of such they want to feature in their personalized options.

In 2017, Roku launched their own channel in the USA. Viewing is ad-supported to keep it free, with content provided by some of the biggest names in the industry.

With Roku’s viewing boxes and streaming sticks readily available throughout the UK, in July 2020, they added the Roku Channel to the country too, but with a different choice of content than you’d find within the US system.

It’s a superb system that delivers masses of sport, news, documentaries, TV series, movies and more. If you want to keep the kids entertained, Roku has you covered there too; with plenty of Teletubbies, Bob the Builder, Baby Einstein Classics, and Fireman Sam to keep them quiet.

For everyone else, there’s a wealth of big-name TV available; watch Skins, Secret State, Accused, Sound City as well as classics including An American Werewolf in Paris, McLintock, or The Beverley Hillbillies.

How can I watch The Roku Channel UK with StreamLocator?

StreamLocator provides a virtual UK location for Roku’s servers. By providing them with a UK location, all of their previously restricted content becomes available for you to watch at your leisure.

No complicated settings or software installation required

We know that having to download and install software to access international streaming services can be a fuss for viewers—especially when they have to do it on every device they plan to access their chosen channels on. The same goes for digging into DNS profiles and settings, which can be confusing and often hard to follow.

The beauty of StreamLocator is that it works with your WiFi router, so any Internet-enabled device is automatically catered for.

Our smart hub works with your Smart TVs, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV device, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, as well as your games consoles, your Mac or your PC. It’s always on, ready and waiting to help you gain access to all of those services that were previously unavailable.

From now on, when you access your WiFi, you’ll be able to connect to those previously blocked services. We don’t limit your connections as some services do. You can connect to as many as you need, in as many different countries. StreamLocator will connect to all of them at the same time, without you even realizing it’s doing it.

How to watch The Roku Channel UK from outside the United Kingdom

Roku, just like most other streaming media services, uses a system called geolocation tracking to pinpoint exactly where its viewers are. If they’re not in the correct country for the service, they’ll be redirected or prevented from viewing access.

There are ways of getting around the servers’ checks and blocks. The most popular systems for quite some time have been either VPN or Smart DNS to provide a virtual location. And now—there’s StreamLocator too.

How to register for The Roku Channel UK from outside the United Kingdom

To register for the Roku Channel UK, with StreamLocator taking care of the location for you, all you need is an email address. In fact, with a Roku device in place, you don’t even need that. Access is automatic.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch The Roku Channel UK from outside the United Kingdom?

If you’re not in the UK, then you’ll need some way of making the Roku servers think that you are. That means finding a suitable and reliable location switching service.

Both VPN and Smart DNS offer alternative virtual locations. However, over time, Roku and the other streaming providers have become increasingly vigilant and more efficient at tracking the providers down and blocking them. It can be as simple as recognizing too many connections from one address to be a single household, or they might feature on one of the many blacklisted supplier lists.

The way StreamLocator manages this issue is instead of using a single method to navigate the servers’ checks, it uses a combination of the most efficient options. It communicates with the providers’ servers to find out which of those technologies is the best option and then connects you using just that.

How to unblock The Roku Channel UK

Once you’ve plugged your StreamLocator smart hub into your WiFi router (and you can use any of the available ports), you’ll need to activate your account subscription. Don’t worry, that’s easy too.

When you’re all done, you’ll find a new network in your WiFi options—STREAMLOCATOR. From now on, when you want to access geo-blocked content, simply switch whichever device you’re using over to your new network and let our smart hub do the rest.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch The Roku Channel UK for free?

Absolutely. Because the UK Roku Channel is ad-supported, all of its shows are free to watch. There aren’t any premium services on the UK channel so far, so none of their movies or shows will cost you a penny.

Most popular TV shows on the Roku Channel in the UK

  • Indian Summers
  • The Village
  • Restoration Man
  • Secret State
  • McLeod’s Daughters
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Ultimate Force
  • Vexed
  • Elizabeth I
  • Blackout
  • The Commander
  • Accused
  • The Field of Blood
  • The Hotel
  • The Best Bakery
  • History Cold Case
  • The F Word
  • Derren Brown Investigates
  • Fifth Gear
  • The Patty Duke Show
  • WTF Baron Davis
  • Sound City
  • Kingdom
  • Mary Queen of Shops

Most popular movies on the Roku Channel in the UK

  • The Dark Knight
  • Concussion
  • Batman Begins
  • The Terminator
  • Memento
  • Caddyshack
  • G.I. Jane
  • Donnie Darko
  • High Fidelity
  • Miracle of 34th Street
  • Last Action Hero
  • The Wicker Man
  • Les Miserables
  • Get Carter
  • Faster
  • The Invisible Women
  • The Guilty
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • We Bought a Zoo
  • Contagion
  • Point Break
  • Isolated
  • Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  • Sea Level
  • Necromancer