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What is DAZN, and how can I watch it?

DAZN is a sports subscription streaming service, showing live and on-demand events. Operating from a selection of countries, it was launched in Canada in July 2017.

The current line-up includes masses of international soccer, rugby, basketball, football, hockey and plenty of full-contact fighting action.

DAZN Canada is fully compatible with all of your devices and has iOS and Android apps for those who like their sport on the go. If you aren’t sure that DAZN is for you, why not sign up for a 30-day free trial to experience their full range of programming before committing to it completely?

DAZN is famed for its professional boxing and big-fight coverage. It offers plenty of live-stream major fight-night events and is steadily becoming the go-to service for their superb streams. If MMA action is more your thing, well, there’s plenty of that too.

They even cover some of the more alternative sport and game coverage. There’s everything from darts and chess to cricket and soccer.

So, if you want to catch the biggest fight of the year, or all the EUFA action, wherever you are—DAZN Canada can stream it all right to your TV, console or smart device. With StreamLocator taking care of the geo-location blockades, you’ll never miss a cup final or a knockout again.

How can I watch DAZN Canada with StreamLocator?

DAZN requires you to be in Canada to provide access to their on-demand and live streams. That’s why we provide you with a location that does just that. When you use StreamLocator, DAZN sees your location set to Canada and opens the doors to you with all their content.

So, what are you going to watch first?

No complicated settings or software installation required

The big problem with VPN and DNS software is that you have to download and install software or DNS profiles to each and every device you want to watch all of that great sport on. The difference with our system is that it works with your WiFi router, so you don’t need to bother with any software at all. All you have to do is switch your WiFi network. How easy is that?

Once you’ve plugged our router in, it’s always working in the background, and it’s compatible with every one of your Internet-enabled devices.

Try it. You’ll be glad you did. StreamLocator integrates seamlessly with Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple and Android smartphone and tablets, Smart TVs and games consoles. How many VPNs or Smart DNS services do you know that can provide all of that?

It doesn’t affect your Internet speed in the slightest, and it works with all existing routers. All of your usual Internet activity will work just as it always did—only now you’ll be able to connect to masses of previously unavailable sports coverage.

StreamLocator can connect you to as many different international services as you need, all at the same time, with as many devices as you choose. We’re pretty sure we’ve thought of everything.

How to watch DAZN from outside Canada

DAZN uses some pretty serious geo-location blocking technology to protect its programming. The usual methods to get around geo-blocking are to install a VPN or sign up to a Smart DNS service. If you want to watch the superb sports action on DAZN from outside Canada, you’re going to need something just like that.

How to register for DAZN from outside Canada

DAZN Canada requires a monthly subscription, with a generous discount if you choose to buy a yearly pass.

You could run into a few issues when paying for your subscription because DAZN requires a Canadian payment format. The simplest way around this is to set up an additional Google or PayPal account with a Canadian address. You’ll need your StreamLocator switched on to get around their location demands, but once you’re in…

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch DAZN from outside Canada?

A VPN or Smart DNS service can grant you access to the DAZN servers in Canada, but recently a lot of the most popular services and software have been flagged up and blocked. DAZN is one of the most pro-active TV services when it comes to beating VPN and Smart DNS. You could already have an account with either type of fix that works well with plenty of other restricted channels, but there’s a strong chance that they won’t find the way into DAZN that you need.

We’re not saying that there’s no use for these technologies. VPN is a great tool for adding an extra layer of security when you’re out and about and using shared networks or public WiFi. What we are saying is, if you want to watch DAZN from home, then StreamLocator is your best option.

StreamLocator works using a combination of different technologies, so you can forget about having to find a suitable DAZN VPN or Smart DNS service. It communicates with each supplier server to find out how they work and what they need and then provides them with precisely that. That’s why we can access the servers other providers get blocked by.

How to unblock DAZN

We’ve created a simple plug-and-play process. Once you receive your smart hub (we send them out as soon as you take out your subscription) just plug it into any of the free ports of your WiFi router. There are a few simple steps to carry out to activate your account, and then that’s that! Switch over to the new STREAMLOCATOR WiFi network that has appeared in your list, and you’re all done.

StreamLocator works in the background without you even knowing it’s there. Now all you need to do is pick a fight, a match, or a race to watch.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch DAZN for free?

Sadly, you will still need a subscription to DAZN to watch their programming. They offer great value, though, and for an incredible amount of specialist sports coverage. Just browse the list below to see exactly how much.

We can't promise you'll get to watch all the future sporting events on DAZN—the Canada World Cup would be awesome if the bid goes through—but what we can guarantee is, you'll never be short of great sports action.

Most popular viewing on DAZN in Canada

  • AFC Asian Cup Soccer
  • UEFA Men’s and Women’s Soccer
  • English Football League
  • EFL Cup
  • Serie A & B Italian Football League
  • US Major League Soccer
  • International Champions Cup Soccer
  • NFL and NCAA American Football
  • Major League Baseball
  • FIBA World Cup and Intercontinental Cup Basketball
  • NCAA College Basketball
  • Matchroom Bowling
  • Pro MMA (Fight Night) and Bellator Mixed Martial Arts
  • Golden Boy Boxing and MMA
  • PBC Boxing
  • World Boxing Super Series
  • World Snooker and Matchroom Sport Snooker
  • International Cricket
  • UK Professional Darts
  • eSports
  • KHL International Ice Hockey
  • English and European Rugby
  • World Championship Table Tennis
  • ATP and WTA Tennis