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What is HBO Max, and how can I watch it?

HBO Max is the latest offering from the HBO family of streaming services. It is currently considered as a possible replacement for HBO Now and possibly, eventually, for HBO Go too; yet for the time being, all remain in service and fully operational.

HBO is one of the biggest players in American television. They own, and provide, masses of America’s best programming. At its launch, HBO Max had over 1,300 movies and over 10,000 hours of available viewing.

It has everything you’d find on HBO Now and HBO Go, but also, you’ll receive a host of new options from different WarnerMedia avenues. That includes additional shows and programs from DC Comics, CNN, TNT, TBS and Cartoon Network. They’re also going to provide a choice of their own original TV shows and movies.

You can log in to HBO Max with your existing HBO Now subscription or with your cable or satellite logins. If you have neither, then the cost for a brand new subscription is $14.99 a month; the cost of the channel through each of its existing avenues.

HBO’s content is truly world-class. You can watch all the Harry Potter movies, Friends, Rick and Morty, with more up-to-date offerings including original shows like Love Life and Looney Tunes Cartoons.

However you choose to get your HBO fix, there’s no shortage of great TV. And with StreamLocator, wherever you are isn’t a problem anymore.

How can I watch HBO Max with StreamLocator?

StreamLocator provides HBO Max with a virtual location that makes their servers think you’re in the USA. With that sorted, all of their content is at your disposal.

No complicated settings or software installation required

We don’t want our subscribers to have to download and install software every time they decide to stream a channel from another country on a new device—so we made sure they don’t have to. No new software to install and no new DNS profiles or updates to carry out either.

Because it works hand-in-hand with your WiFi router, it works seamlessly with all of your Internet-enabled devices. It links effortlessly with your Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and more. It works with your games consoles too, creating a new virtual location for every service that connects to it.

Our smart router box doesn’t affect your Internet speeds or your day-to-day online activities. Even better, you can connect to StreamLocator with as many devices as you like. Every one of them can connect to a different service with a different virtual location. Everything is managed automatically, so you won’t even know it’s there.

How to watch HBO Max from outside the USA

HBO Max needs to make sure its viewers are in the US before letting them watch their great TV and movie content. If you’re not, they’ll deliver an alternative message or redirect you to a location appropriate page.

Usually, accessing blocked TV from other countries is managed using a VPN or Smart DNS service. If you want to watch HBO Max, you’ll need one of those, or something similar.

How to register for HBO Max from outside the USA

To watch HBO’s viewing, you need a subscription to one or other of their services. With the location problem taken care of, creating an account is just like it would be if you lived in America.

Where some subscribers have a little trouble, is making payments. HBO requires you to pay with an American credit card and billing address to complete the transaction and for the monthly payments.

However, the good news is that there's an easy way to pay for HBO Max outside the US using StatesCard --- It’s a virtual prepaid card that works with all US streaming services and comes with a US billing address and will work just an American card!

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch HBO Max from outside the USA?

You’ll need to find a method to get around the geolocation blockades set up by HBO’s servers. VPN and Smart DNS have been the main options for quite some time, but many of the major service providers are becoming easier to spot and block by many of the more proactive channels.

StreamLocator works on a system that won’t let you down. It doesn’t just use one type of technology to access each channel’s shows; it uses a combination of them. By communicating with the different channel’s servers, it detects the best way to make sure you get what you need and creates each different link automatically.

How to unblock HBO Max

Unblocking HBO Max with StreamLocator is a simple and straightforward process.

We ship out our smart hub to you as soon as you subscribe to the service. Plug it into any open port of your WiFi router, and with a few simple details, your account will be activated. The new STREAMLOCATOR network will appear in your available WiFi list.

Select it, and that’s it! Access the HBO Max website or app and log in as you usually would. Your location bypass will be managed automatically, allowing you to watch whatever you want from their massive collection of shows.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch HBO Max for free?

Sadly, no. HBO requires a subscription through one of its many different options to access the streaming content on HBO Max.

Learn how to pay for HBO outside the US using StatesCard.

Most popular TV shows on HBO Max in the USA

  • Love Life
  • Looney Tunes Cartoons
  • The Flight Attendant
  • Raised by Wolves
  • House of the Dragon
  • Lovecraft Country
  • Made for Love
  • Tokyo Vice
  • Grease: Rydell High
  • I Know This Much Is True
  • Tooned Out
  • Americanah
  • Jellystone!
  • Gremlins: Secret of the Mogwai
  • Station Eleven
  • The Undoing
  • Legendary
  • Barry
  • Bored to Death
  • Carnivàle
  • Crashing
  • Deadwood
  • Doctor Who
  • Doom Patrol
  • Eastbound & Down

Most popular movies on HBO Max in the USA

  • Yesterday
  • Wonder Woman
  • The Wizard of Oz
  • The Witches of Eastwick
  • The Thomas Crown Affair
  • The Skulls
  • The Others
  • The Lego Movie
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • The Land Before Time
  • The Kids Are All Right
  • The Family Stone
  • That Thing You Do!
  • Teen Witch
  • Swingers
  • Slumdog Millionaire
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
  • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
  • Scary Movie 3
  • Save the Last Dance
  • Raising Arizona
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Picture Perfect
  • Pearl Harbour
  • One Fine Day