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What is DAZN, and how can I watch it?

DAZN is a global platform streaming service, providing masses of sports action to fans worldwide.

It’s all relatively new, seeing DAZN first launched its sporting streams in 2016. The countries it chose to debut were Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. Since then, it’s grown to offer coverage in over 200 countries and territories.

What sports and shows you’ll receive in each of those territories varies, however. Depending on their licencing agreements—almost always down to geographic restrictions—your content could be broad-ranging and all-inclusive, or, well, maybe not quite so varied.

Don’t worry, though; we’ve got the answer to every die-hard sports fan’s need for the biggest and best selection. Read on to learn how you can get the best of the best from anywhere in the world.

DAZN launch in the USA

In 2018, DAZN brought its brand to the US, hoping to compete with many of the existing sports networks already airing over cable, satellite, and the Internet.

If you’re a big boxing fan, this was great news, as the bulk of their content was to come from Matchroom Sport and Bellator. This was huge news for the boxing industry and MMA lovers, yet sadly, the US programming schedule offered little else.

The good news is that DAZN provides everything you could hope for in its other territories

Here’s the best news of all. If you sign up for a USA DAZN account, you can switch between each of the countries StreamLocator caters for to watch whatever’s in their catalogues.

You’ll see that both Canada and Germany are supported, both with masses of different sports coverage and competitions. We provide you with seamless access to both—as well as your sign-up US service.

What can you get on its other catalogues? Well, head to our streaming services pages for a full rundown on both or make a comparison of how each sport is licensed with DAZN on Wikipedia.

As you’ll soon see, Germany is almost unrivalled for the bulk of mainstream sports around the world. However, by signing up for a US DAZN account, you can switch between everything they each have to offer, unleashing the broadest possible selection you could lay your hands on.

How can I watch DAZN with StreamLocator?

When it comes to VPN and Smart DNS services, we loved the idea of what they could do but not their execution. We wanted getting around the streaming services’ blocks to be simpler than those existing systems. So, that’s what we created.

Fortunately, StreamLocator provides you with a virtual US location, so that’s precisely where their servers think you are. And with that taken care of, signing up and streaming their big fights becomes a piece of cake!

No complicated settings or software installation required

When it comes to VPN and Smart DNS services, we loved the idea of what they could do but not their execution. We wanted getting around the streaming services’ blocks to be simpler than their systems. So, that’s what we created.

With StreamLocator, there isn’t any software to download to each of your devices. You don’t have to remember to turn them on when you need them, nor do you have to try out different virtual locations until you find one that works (if at all!).

Our system works with your WiFi router, which means whichever device, TV, or computer you use, it’s automatically covered by your network.

Because we apply updates directly to your smart hub, you don’t need to worry about having the latest versions, and it makes connecting to new services automatic too.

It’s always on, it doesn’t affect your Internet speeds, and you can have as many connections as you want. That’s right—we know some workaround services limit you to a few devices. We wouldn’t dream of spoiling anyone’s fun—so we decided ‘the more, the merrier’. You can connect all your devices to different services, all in different countries, and we’ll take care of every connection—simultaneously.

How to watch DAZN from outside the USA

With some clever use of geo-location tracking, DAZN blocks anyone trying to connect from the locations they don’t allow. Up until now, VPN and Smart DNS have been the most popular workarounds, but now StreamLocator has joined the party, we believe it’s your new best-bet option.

How to register for DAZN from outside America

DAZN US requires a monthly subscription. You can save a little money if you book a year’s subscription in one go, but even without that, it still offers superb value.

StreamLocator has taken the problems out of paying for all of your US subscriptions from anywhere in the world. Check out our Statescard walkthrough for the easiest way ever of paying for US products and services.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch DAZN from outside the United States?

As discussed, VPN and Smart DNS set the standard for years, but they weren’t the only options. There have always been other, less-efficient ways to navigate geo-location blocks, and now, even those two are less effective than they once were.

Streaming services are aware of the infringements to their licensing arrangements and regularly find new ways to recognize and shut down VPN connections.

The beauty of StreamLocator is that it uses a selection of technologies to provide its virtual locations. Our smart hub communicates with each service to find out the best way to connect to them, and once it’s got what it needs, it carries out the action automatically.

It really is that clever. Why anyone would choose to use anything less efficient than our system is beyond us.

How to unblock DAZN

When we said plug-and-play, we meant it. Apart from a few simple steps to activate your subscription, that’s pretty much all you have to do.

Your StreamLocator smart hub plugs into your WiFi router, creating a new option on your home network. Simply choose the STREAMLOCATOR option instead of your usual WiFi, and off you go. That’s it. Log on to those overseas streamers, and we’ll connect you automatically.

StreamLocator works in the background without you even knowing it’s there. Now all you need to do is pick a fight, a match, or a race to watch.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch DAZN for free?

Because DAZN is a paid service, you will still need a subscription to watch their sports coverage. It offers great value, though, and with your US subscription providing access to the German and Canadian catalogues, there isn’t much you can’t watch with such a superb combination!