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StreamLocator App
for FireTV and Android

Geo-unblocking by
streaming experts

Leave VPNs to enthusiasts

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Designed for streaming

StreamLocator’s hybrid-proxy technology offers significant advantages over VPN.

  • Fast
    Streaming traffic is not encrypted supporting significantly faster speeds.
  • Reliable
    Streaming services often block VPN servers. Our technology makes it hard to detect and block StreamLocator.

Stream on big screen

Works with a remote - no need for phone or computer.

Supported on:

  • Smart TVs (with Android TV)

    Sony • Sharp • Phillips • Hisense • TCL

  • Amazon Fire TV

    Fire TV Stick • Fire TV Cube • Fire TV

  • Android TV Sticks or Boxes

    Nvidia Shield • Chromecast /w Google TV • Xiaomi

    and other brands

  • Android Phones/Tablets

    Samsung • LG • Xiaomi and other brands

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Stream on the go

Works on all android tablets and smartphones.

TV and mobile devices showing StreamLocator app

Battery efficient

StreamLocator does not need to encrypt the traffic. Your mobile device is working at full speed with no battery drain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this hide your IP like a VPN?No, the StreamLocator app is not a VPN and only helps you unblock geo-restricted streaming services. It will not help you hide from your ISP and does not affect your IP in any way. It takes the the ease of use of VPNs and the speed and reliability of DNS services and combines them into one package that does not require any additional software or complex setup to start watching.
  • Does StreamLocator let me watch paid streaming services for free?No, StreamLocator only unblocks geo-restricted content on streaming services you already have an account with. While some services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others require a paid subscription, many services StreamLocator supports like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Zattoo and more are completely free to watch!
  • How many devices can I use with my subscription simultaneously?As many as you own! We don't limit the amount of devices you can use with your subscription. We also don't limit how many you can use at the same time.
  • Which devices is the StreamLocator app available on?The StreamLocator app is available on all major Android, Android TV and Fire TV devices running android 5.1 and up. This includes Android phones, tablets, streaming boxes (Chromecast with Google TV, Mi Box, etc.), Android based Smart TVs, Fire TV Sticks (2nd Gen or newer) and Fire TV Cubes.
  • Can I try it for free?Yes you can! We offer a completely free 7 day trial - no sign up or payment information required. Simply download our app and start streaming!
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What makes us streaming experts

  • rocketSuper fast streaming with our proprietary hybrid-proxy technology
  • Purposely built global reliable streaming network
  • Immediate, kind and professional customer support

What customers say about StreamLocator:


    I bought this through amazon to load onto my fire stick. I was using this in Spain and could not recieve English tv as was blocked by the providers. I found this which had great reviews and they were right. It has proved very reliable to date, recieves bbc, itv, channel 4 and 5 catch up and live TV through the apps, and for only $4.99 per month. Great value.

    Phil F.

  • Fantastic

    It’s a great app! I can’t find any issues with this app at all. I also have the Stream Locator Router which is great as well. These guys have the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with! They respond very quickly to any questions you may have. I’ve been using these guys for a few years now and they just keep getting better.


  • Easy to use and just works

    Unlike other VPN apps, this app looks like it was designed for firetv. You get to try it out without providing anything as soon as you download, I figured whats the harm. When using the app, it amazingly just works for most services and then it allows you to switch Netflix countries only. I highly recommend this app.

    Amazon Customer

  • Excellent support for a great app.

    The app works really well on the Firestick, but when I updated the app it didnt work so I contacted the support. They got back to me within 10 minutes and explained. The next day it was working fine. Max was very helpful and supportive assuring me that it was the app and that they were working on it. I thoroughly recommend it.

    Charlie and Jake

  • Simple and effective service with a good support team

    The app installed on my Firestick with no hassle and it worked immediately. Any queries I have had have been dealt with promptly and great support when I wanted to make a suggestion!

    Ron. K

  • Easy Use with Helpful Support When Needed

    This works on my FireTV. Easy setup and operation, no need to select the right server etc, that I had to do with other VPN app. Just turn streaming on and your ready. Received immediate email response from support on a problem I had in June 2020 from using a prior version of the app. Recommend for use on FireTV.

    Amazon Customer

  • A Most Wondrous App

    This is the best App ever invented if you like BBC iPlayer, Channel 4 or Netflix UK in the USA. I used it every day for 3 months with no problem and when my Fire TV had a little cache problem with their App, they showed me how to fix it within minutes of my email.

    Rick F.

  • Excellent app. Highly recommend it

    Currently abroad and found this app that lets me stream bbc iplayer and the other UK apps. So I can now keep up with all my fav programmes. The 7 day free trial is a godsend and will definitely subscribe once that is up. The price per month is very reasonable.

    Mon J.

  • Handy little app

    Love this app for accessing different geo locations on Netflix and Prime. Its basic and simple to use and streaming is good. It is streamlined to work with your Amazon Firestick and Netflix can be launched directly from this app. For $4.99 a month cannot complain.


  • Easy to use

    Easy to use at decent monthly price working very well. Hulu is a problem for you, as you still need an American credit card to unlock. Netflix is working great to get original movies or series from France (French) Or Brazil (Portuguese)

    Serge L.

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