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What is TSN, and how can I watch it?

The Sports Network. It does exactly what you’d think. TSN isn’t just ‘the’ Canadian sports channel, but it’s the largest speciality channel in Canada. Famed throughout Canada for its coverage of the NHL—being the first broadcaster to air the NHL in the country—don’t be fooled into thinking it’s some one-trick pony. The line-up features all the biggest sports with the biggest and best names featuring in the action.

As a major broadcaster of the ‘Big 4’, TSN covers the NHLNBAMLB, and NFL. That’s a lot of sport for you sports junkies out there, but to keep every last one of you covered, TSN has even more sporting action to sink your teeth into.

TSN covers soccertennisauto racinggolfcurling (yes—curling!), boxingskiingwrestling—and when it comes to the biggest in competition entertainment, you’ll find the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup here too. And the list doesn’t end there; head over to the TSN website to drool over their complete compilation of current sports.

TSN is available as part of many popular cable and satellite packages. To log in online using your cable or satellite subscription, you’ll use a service called TSN GO.

For those with a direct subscription to TSN—cable cutters and the rest—you’ll access their online service, snappily titled TSN Direct. This is where you can watch live and on-demand streams via their website or using apps created (so far) for iOS and Android mobiles (via Canadian Apple App and Google Play stores, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Solving the problem of blackout games for the NHL, NBA,

One of the major issues of being a sports fan in Canada (much as it is in the States) is that you have to sign up for several services to access all the games. There are plenty of channels and subscription services that allow access to the bulk of each season’s out-of-market games, with just as many ways to sign up for them. This is standard for each of the ‘Big 4’ sports in Canada and the US. Then, for your local in-market games, you’ll need a regional channel to watch those.

TSN isn’t just a national supplier of out-of-market games, but also a provider of regional games too, yet sadly, not for all Canadian teams. This, again, is where life gets problematic for hockey fans. You need to track down the regional service for your team to have access to all the games you want.

If you’d like a simple way to crack the lot—for all of the games, all in one place—then we’ve got the answer. Read on to find out how StreamLocator is the best option to access everything you need with the least amount of fuss.

StreamLocator fixes the blackout issue for everyone

For all of you hockey fans in the US and Canada, you already know how finding the channels and networks you need to access both out-of-market and in-market games can be a tricky affair—and a costly one at that.

Content providers use geo-location tracking to limit hockey fans’ streams in a very similar way to how they monitor their cable and satellite subscribers. Geo-location tracking allows each service to pinpoint precisely where their viewers are and limit the games they see to their relevant broadcasters or block them completely—all according to licensing arrangements.

StreamLocator takes care of those blocks by providing subscribers with virtual locations and granting unrestricted access to every game and match in each system.

How can I watch TSN with StreamLocator?

As mentioned earlier, there are a few different ways of watching TSN—all of which are only available in Canada. Streaming their content online means you’ll fall prey to their geo-location checks, and if you’re anywhere but in Canada, you’ll be blocked from viewing their content.

StreamLocator, however, provides you with a virtual Canadian location, precisely where the TSN servers need to see you. Once that’s taken care of, you can sign up and stream all the action you like without a hitch.

Because StreamLocator creates the virtual locations you need, you’ll never have to worry about blackout games, as you’ll appear in an out-of-market region for the teams you want to watch.

No complicated settings or software installation required

VPN and Smart DNS systems provide a similar service, but more and more frequently are detected by the streaming services and blocked in a similar way to those outside the country.

A big advantage of using StreamLocator over the VPN and Smart DNS services is that we don’t need you to download any software. That’s right. VPN and Smart DNS systems demand that you download software or an app to every device you plan to use and turn them on and select a country when you need them.

StreamLocator works directly with your WiFi router, so it automatically includes all of the devices on your network. That means no software, no apps, no fiddling with DNS profiles, and no fuss. It automatically connects you to whatever server you need, wherever it needs you to be, without you knowing it’s doing it.

How to watch TSN from outside Canada

StreamLocator provides you with the virtual locations you need to access the services you want.

StreamLocator allows you access to all kinds of streaming services—not just TSN. So, if anyone else in your home wants to watch Netflix or Prime in another country, or the BBC, Peacock, ESPN+, DAZN, and more, well, they can!

StreamLocator doesn’t limit the number of connections you use at any given time either; if you want to access them all at once, on every device in the house—you can!

How to register for TSN from outside Canada

TSN has 3 tiers of subscription: a day pass at $7.99 US, a month pass at $19.99 US, and a 6-month pass for $99.95 US.

For subscribers having issues paying for TSN via credit card, switch over to the Canadian Apple App or Google Play store. You can use the in-app option to set up your subscription using a Canadian PayPal account or a native Giftcard.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch TSN from outside Canada?

VPN and Smart DNS have been the most popular methods of getting around the geo-blocks until recently. With the streaming services getting better at spotting VPN servers, they’re finding it harder to access the streams their subscribers want.

Now, hot on their heels and far more efficient, StreamLocator delivers an exceptionally reliable and straightforward system to rival those existing options.

Our smart hub communicates directly with the providers’ servers to find out the best way to connect to them. It’s so efficient you won’t even notice it’s doing it.

How to unblock TSN

When your StreamLocator smart hub arrives, plug it into any of the available ports on your existing WiFi router. With your new smart hub in place, there are just a few simple steps required to activate your subscription, creating a new network—STREAMLOCATOR—in your WiFi options.

Swap your devices over to this new network, and that’s it! Your smart hub will automatically pick and choose the best locations for each service that requires one.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch TSN for free?

To watch TSN, you’ll need a subscription. However you pay for it, whether it’s part of another package or directly to their service, StreamLocator won’t bypass their payment systems.

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