How To Watch Premier League Live - Watch all Premier League Streams

Arguably one of the biggest sports in the world is Football. This is proven by how many people watch the English Premier League. The English Premier League is broadcast in 212 territories to 643 million homes and has a potential audience of 4.7 billion people meaning having the TV rights to show the English Premier League is the holy grail for streaming and cable companies. But in some territories, this can be anti-consumer friendly, for example in the UK the broadcasting rights for the English Premier League are split between three companies Sky, BT Sports and Amazon Prime. In the US NBC have retained the rights to show the EPL matches live until 2025 through their streaming service called peacock and the new cable tv channel that’s due to replace NBC Sports. Not only do these force fans to purchase expensive cable tv packages to watch EPL matches in some countries, they doesn’t even give you access to every single match!

It’s estimated that the average household pays around $80 USD every single month for cable TV! In the UK especially this doesn’t give you access to every EPL live match due to restrictions similar to blackouts which US/Canadian sports experience in the NFL, NBA and NHL. Being a massive football fan having access to the EPL, Champions League, Europa League, FA Cup and League cup games will drain your wallet every month due to cable companies inflated prices.

It’s not all doom and gloom. In Canada, where Football isn’t as popular they have access to every single English Premier League match live. What’s even better is the price. For $11.50 USD a month with their annual plan you can gain access to all this and more through Fubo Canada.

How to watch Premier League Live with Fubo Canada

Step 1:

Grab yourself a StreamLocator Hub and connect it to your router at home.

Step 2:

Using your StreamLocator Hub change your Fubo location to Canada through the StreamLocator portal.

Step 3:

Sign up to the Fubo Canada by downloading the Fubo app on your phone or signing up online

Step 4:

Using the StreamLocator portal change your location to Fubo Canada

Step 5:

Enjoy watching all your favorite football leagues in their entirety!

But Fubo Canada isn’t your only option to watch live football there are other services out there that offer access to streaming football live and below I’m going to offer a breakdown of each service that StreamLocator supports:

ServicePrice (USD)Offers Every EPL Game?Notes
SonyLiv (India)$13 for the year!NO EPL live only Champions LeagueNeed an Indian Phone number to subscribe (Can be very difficult to find)
Disney+ Hotstar (India)$20 for the year!All EPL live is shown, No Champions LeagueNeed an Indian Phone number to subscribe (Can be very difficult to find)
Peacock TV (USA)From $4.99 a monthOnly shows 175 out of 380 EPL games a year. No Champions LeagueWould need Fubo or Hulu + Live TV to access every game
Paramount+ (USA)From $4.99 a monthNO EPL live only Champions League
Fubo (Canada)$11.50 a month!All EPL live streamsThe easiest way to watch all EPL
Sling TV (USA)$50 a month for blue and orange combinedOnly shows games through NBCSN so not all EPL games are shownYou will need Peacock TV to access every EPL live game
Fubo TV (USA)From $64.99 a monthOnly shows games through NBCSN so not all EPL games are shownYou will need Peacock TV to access every EPL live game
HULU + Live (USA)$64.99 a monthOnly shows games through NBCSN so not all EPL games are shownYou will need Peacock TV to access every EPL live game
Cable TVFrom $80 a monthNo 3 PM EPL gamesVery expensive. Not good value for money.

As you can see from all the services that StreamLocator supports for live football, access to Fubo Canada is the most cost-effective way for you to be able to watch your favorite football games live or on-demand.

Below I’m going to do a breakdown of each service that StreamLocator supports for watching live football:

Traditional Cable - Is this the best way to watch Live Football?

As reliable as cable tv is, it comes at a price. At around $80 USD a month this will give you access to what the basic league’s football has to offer and you may find yourself needing to upgrade packages to gain the content you want. As we said before, in places like the UK it is impossible for you to gain access to every EPL Match due to licensing issues.

In most cases they have poor customer service and the recent meteoric rise of streaming services has made customers realize there are many drawbacks to watching and paying for traditional cable. All in all, while cable providers still allow a fairly user-friendly easy way to watch the Football live season, they are certainly not the best option around - especially when it comes to pricing and availability of games.

Fubo Canada

watch premier league live with fubo canada

Time and time again Fubo proves it is the ultimate football package for watching Premier League live. For $11.50 USD a month you gain access to every single live EPL game officially in once place with many other great sport streaming available.

Fubo is by far the most mature and developed streaming platform that offers the full EPL live experience.

Peacock TV

watch premier league live with peacock

Peacock TV is a service in the USA that offers access to the English Premier League and start from $4.99 USD a month. Peacock TV only offers 175 out of 380 premier league games which would mean you’d need to sign up for a US cable service like Sling to access every match and this can be very costly.


watch premier league live with paramount plus

Paramount+ offers access to Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League games plus more. From $4.99 a month, you can have access to the leagues listed below but if you’re interested in the EPL matches then you would need to find an alternative provider.

SonyLiv and Disney+ Hotstar

While SonyLiv and Disney+ Hotstar provide the cheapest way to watch the English Premier League and/or Champions League at a combined price of $33 USD for the year. The downside to these services is they can be very difficult to subscribe to without an Indian telephone number thus making them very consumer-unfriendly.