If You Pay for a Streaming Service, You Should Be Able to Access it. All of it.

The internet was built without borders

We believe it should stay that way!

Unfortunately, streaming services and TV providers don’t seem to agree.

They think your location should determine what you can and can’t watch, no matter how much you’re paying them every month.

Whether it’s a show that’s blocked in your country or a game that’s blacked out—if they’re making it available to some customers, we think it should be available to all customers.

tv screen with streaming services logos on the background of the globe

Why we built StreamLocator?

So you can have a simple way to watch what you want, wherever you are in the world.

Based in Toronto, Canada, the StreamLocator team combines experience from the networking and security divisions of companies like Cisco, Blackberry, and Dell.

Our mission? Making it as easy as possible for you to stay one step ahead of content blockers.

Streamlocator hub with TV screen showing solidarity fists holding mobile phones

Ready to Give StreamLocator a Try?

You can try StreamLocator risk-free for a month thanks to our 30-Day Money - Back Guarantee. We’ll send you the StreamLocator Hub when you sign up for our service!

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