Where to watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 Live?

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Where to watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 Live?

As the final stages of the English football season come to a close with three months left of the English Premier League season we come to our first chance at seeing who will lift the first piece of English silverware of 2022. On the 27th February 2022, world champions Chelsea will take on Premier League contenders Liverpool at Wembley Stadium for the final of EFL Cup 2022.

The EFL Cup is played by 92 teams from the English Premier League (Enters in the Third Round), EFL Championship, EFL League One and EFL League Two consisting of 83 games through the 2021/2022 season. Current champions Manchester City were knocked out by top-four Premier League contenders West Ham United in the fourth round of the cup. This year has seen a total of 234 goals in the competition at an average of 2.82 goals per match and fans will be hoping there will be plenty more in the final played this Sunday.

In this article today I will be telling you how you can watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 live through StreamLocator saving you money on your costly Cable TV bills!

Who’s playing in the EFL Cup Final 2022?

This year final will consist of Chelsea vs Liverpool and will be played at Wembley Stadium. Chelsea last won the EFL Cup back in the 2014/2015 season and Liverpool last lifted the trophy in the 2011/2012 season

Chelsea’s EFL Cup season had seen them beating sides Aston Villa (Third Round), Southampton (Fourth Round) and Brentford (Quater-finals) to reach the Semi-Final against London Rivals Tottenham.

Chelsea’s first leg of the Semi-Final was played at Stamford Bridge against Tottenham on the 5th of January 2022 with Chelsea winning 2-0 thanks to goals from Havertz and an own goal from Ben Davies. The second leg was plated at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on the 12th of January 2022 with Chelsea winning the leg thanks to a goal from Centre Back Rudiger. Chelsea won the Semi-final 3-0 on aggregate to advance to the EFL Cup Final 2022.

Liverpool’s EFL Cup season had seen then beating sides Norwich City (Third Round), Preston North End (Fourth Round) and Leicester City (Quater-Finals) to reach the Semi-Final against London Club Arsenal FC.

The first leg of the Semi-Final between Liverpool and Arsenal ended in a 0-0 draw at Anfield on the 13th of January 2022 meaning Liverpool needed to go to Arsenals stomping ground without any advantage. The second leg was played at the Emirates Stadium on the 20th January 2022 and true to form all season the Portugal midfielder Jota provided the two goals to push Liverpool into the EFL Cup Final 2022.

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Where Can I watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 live through StreamLocator?

The cheapest and easiest way to watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 through StreamLocator would be through US service ESPN+. ESPN+ costs $6.99 USD (£5) a month and shows all games for the EFL Cup and the FA Cup. ESPN+ also offers coverage of the English Football League, Bundesliga and La Liga. ESPN+ also offers some great documentaries with their 30 for 30 collection.

If cup competitions aren’t the only football you’re interested in, DAZN Canada is another service that is showing the EFL Cup Final Live. DAZN currently until the end of the season hold the rights to every English Premier League game. DAZN is considered the Netflix of sports with the ability to watch MMA PPVs, Matchroom boxing and NFL gamepass all included within your subscription. DAZN CA currently comes in at £7 a month with a yearly subscription. If you wish to know more on how to subscribe to DAZN Canada then please follow this link where you can find more details on watching the English Premier League Live.

The Step by Step guide to signing up to ESPN+ for the EFL Cup Final 2022:

Step 1: Purchase a StreamLocator Hub:

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Rather than relying on VPN services, which make your streaming more complicated for you to install and use, we suggest ordering a StreamLocator Hub. Our service provides access to many sports services including DAZN US, CA and Germany, NHL Live, MLB TV and EPSN +. This altogether gets you every MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, Champions League and PDC darts game without any blackouts or restrictions for a fraction of the price of cable TV. StreamLocator is also a better alternative than a VPN as the StreamLocator Hub does not slow down your internet speed when streaming. Low latency and fast download speeds are especially important for streaming live sports!

Step 2: Connecting your devices

Once receiving the StreamLocator hub, you can set up and connect your devices to the “StreamLocator” WiFi network. After connecting, go to the StreamLocator portal and choose a US location.

Step 3: Install the ESPN+ app for your devices

The most effective way to use the ESPN+ streaming service is to install the app on streaming devices like your Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV or mobile devices such as Android/iOS phones and tablets.

Ask our experts at support@streamlocator.com for instructions for your devices.

Step 4: Sign up to ESPN+ through your device

Once you have downloaded the app all you need to do is sign up for an ESPN+ account through your device it will then take you to a payment screen.

Step 5: Watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 through ESPN+ with your StreamLocator

The StreamLocator hub allows you to watch the EFL Cup Final 2022 live. By signing up for the StreamLocators subscription service, you will be able to watch the content that you want to watch with ease.

StreamLocator technology is unique compared to using a VPN because it doesn’t slow down your internet speeds as a VPN does. This is very important when streaming live sports where

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So there we are! Hopefully, by now you have some insight into the EFL Cup Final and how you can watch it through StreamLocator.