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What is NHL Live, and how can I watch it?

NHL Live is a subscription streaming service that allows Canadians to live stream over 500 national and out-of-market NHL games over various devices. Of those 500, the games include regular-season games and the entire 2021 Stanley Cup® Playoffs.

You can tune into the NHL Live games using the NHL app or via the website.

Sounds good so far, doesn’t it?

One of the biggest issues and bugs for hockey fans is the way that regional blackouts disrupt access and the need to find and subscribe to the broadcaster for their region such as Canada’s TSN or Sportsnet. It’s an added (annoying, yet accepted) step to access their local, and more often than not, favorite team’s matches.

StreamLocator fixes the blackout issue for everyone

For hockey fans in the US and Canada, finding the channels and networks they need to access both out-of-market and in-market games becomes a tricky affair.

Providers utilise geo-location tracking to limit hockey fans’ streams. This system allows each service to pinpoint precisely where their viewers are and limit the games they see to their relevant broadcasters (Regional Sports Network)—all according to the licencing arrangements.

StreamLocator takes care of those blocks by providing a virtual location and granting unrestricted access to every NHL Live game in the system.

Did you miss an NHL game? No problem!

NHL Live streams games as they happen, but if you miss any of your team’s games, then they’re all available on-demand shortly after the live-action has finished. For in-market, restricted games, NHL Live lifts the blackout restrictions after 48 hours.

If you need a super-quick catch-up option, then all NHL games are available in condensed 15-minute versions too. And then there’s the huge archive of games from previous seasons.

That’s a lot of hockey to keep even the most avid of fans entertained.

How can I watch NHL Live with StreamLocator?

The NHL Live servers detect whereabouts in the world you are before allowing you to sign up. There are different ways of accessing the NHL, of course, using various streaming packages that include your out-of-market and in-market games. Finding out which is the best option for you can be complicated—and expensive—and it still doesn’t guarantee you’ll get to watch all the games you want.

StreamLocator provides you with a virtual Canadian location to sign up to the platform and then gives you access to switch over to the Mexican platform, bypassing all of the in-market restrictions. It’s so simple, and it works beautifully. All you need to do is decide what snacks and drinks you’re going to need while watching your games!

No complicated settings or software installation required

With the more typical VPN and Smart DNS location-block solutions, you have to download and install their software or apps to bypass the streaming services blockades. Then you have to find the best location to gain access to your chosen games.

StreamLocator doesn’t need you to do any of that. Because it works directly with your WiFi router, it’s always switched on, making automatic connections for you, and there isn’t any software to install—ever.

Our unique smart hub automatically delivers your out-of-market games. We’ve made switching over to the Mexico platform for in-market games easy too. It’s the zero-fuss solution to keep the tension on the ice and not with your tech!

We honestly believe that our smart hub is the simplest plug-and-play solution you’ll find on the market. As it works with your WiFi router, it automatically includes all of your iOS and Android smartphones and devices, your Apple TVAmazon Fire TVChromecastRoku, and games consoles.

StreamLocator allows you access to all kinds of streaming services—not just the NHL. So, if other members of your household want to watch something on Netflix in another country, or the BBC, Peacock, ESPN+, DAZN, and more, well, they can! StreamLocator doesn’t limit the number of connections you use at any given time either; if you want to access them all at once, on every device in the house—you can!

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How to watch NHL Live from outside Canada

StreamLocator picks out the virtual location you need to access each of the different services you want. When you want to watch NHL Live from outside Canada, our smart hub spots that you need a new virtual location and sets it up for you.

VPN and Smart DNS systems provide virtual locations, but each system comes with drawbacks. Some of the lesser or busier VPN servers can choke and limit your network speeds. There’s nothing more frustrating than your connection dropping mid-game or buffering kicking in during the most exciting points of the action.

How to register for NHL Live from outside Canada

There are a couple of subscription options for NHL Live. You can buy a monthly pass for $29.99/month, a full season pass at $179.99 (or $159.99 if you get it in time to qualify for the early bird price), or the out-of-market French package ($53.99/season).

There’s also a Stanley Cup Playoff pass at $74.99 if you’re a little late to the party this year.

There are in-app payment options if you’re struggling to find an appropriate method to pay for your subscription. By switching to a native iOS App Store or Google Play account, you shouldn’t have any problems setting up your account.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch NHL Live from outside Canada?

No. Admittedly, they’ve been the choice for the majority of subscribers over the past decade, but there are other ways to access geo-blocked content.

We think we’ve created the very best option for streaming service viewers throughout the world, with a system that makes light work of getting you the access you need.

Our smart hub communicates with each of the streaming services’ servers, so it automatically picks the best option and location for your needs. You won’t even know it’s doing it.

How to unblock NHL Live

When your StreamLocator smart hub arrives, plug it into any of the available ports on your existing WiFi router. With your smart hub in place, there are only a few simple steps needed to activate your subscription account, and a new network—STREAMLOCATOR—will appear in your WiFi options.

Swap your devices over to this new network, and that’s it! Your smart hub will automatically pick and choose the best locations for each service that requires one.

Simple, right?

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch NHL Live for free?

Wherever you are, and however you connect, you’ll always have to pay for one of the NHL Live subscription options. It’s a paid service—a great one, at that—and it deserves to stay that way.