Where can I watch the 2022 Winter Olympics?

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Where can I watch the 2022 Winter Olympics?

Set to take place between February the 4th through to February 20th 2022 the winter Olympic games will provide a very action packed month for veteran viewers and newcomers to the games. Held every four years, Beijing, Yanqing and Zhangjiakou have been chosen to host this time around making Beijing the first city to host both the Summer and Winter Games. With 109 medals up for grabs across 15 traditional sports seven new events have been chosen to debut at this year winter Olympic games Women’s Monobob, Men’s and Women’s Big Air (Freestyle Skiing), Mixed Team Snowboard Cross, Mixed Team Aerials, Mixed Team Short Track Relay, and Mixed Team Ski Jumping providing something new for fans to look forward too. Traditional sports will also be played like Curling, The Bobsled, Figure Skating and Ice Hockey.

where to to watch winter Olympics 2022

Following on from their success in Pyeongchang South Korea, Norway will be looking to top the medals table again in 2022. In 2018 they set the record for the most medal gained in a single winter games at 39 medals so the likes of Germany and the Russian Olympic Committee will be pulling out all the stops to prevent them from topping that medal table on the 20th of February. With veteran stars like snowboarder Shaun White competing for America across the waters Britain's ex gymnast Katie Ormerod will be competing in her first winter Olympic games after being unable to compete in 2018 due to a broken heel. All eyes in Canada will be on Ice Hockey's Sarah Nurse after scoring in 2018’s final against the US Canada will be looking for the gold in Beijing this year.

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The Full Winter Olympics Schedule This Year

Opening Ceremony: Feb. 4
Alpine Skiing: Feb. 6-11, Feb. 13, Feb. 15-17, Feb. 19
Bobsleigh: Feb. 13-15, Feb. 18-20
Biathlon: Feb. 5, Feb. 7-8, Feb. 11-13, Feb. 15-16, Feb. 18-19
Cross-Country Skiing: Feb. 5-6, Feb. 8, Feb. 10-13, Feb. 16, Feb. 19-20
Curling: Feb. 2-20
Freestyle Skiing: Feb. 3, Feb. 5-10, Feb. 13-19
Figure Skating: Feb. 4, Feb. 6-8, Feb. 10, Feb. 12, Feb. 14-15, Feb. 17-20
Ice Hockey: Feb. 3-20
Luge: Feb. 5-10
Nordic Combined: Feb. 9, Feb. 15, Feb. 17
Snowboard: Feb. 5-12, Feb. 14-15
Ski Jumping: Feb. 5-7, Feb. 11-12, Feb. 14
Skeleton: Feb. 10-12
Speed Skating: Feb. 5-8, Feb. 10-13, Feb. 15, Feb. 17-19
Short Track Speed Skating: Feb. 5, Feb. 7, Feb. 9, Feb. 11, Feb. 13, Feb. 16
Closing Ceremony: Feb. 20

Where can I watch the 2022 Winter Olympics live through StreamLocator?

The best place to watch the 2022 Winter Olympic games is through a US service called Peacock TV with StreamLocator. Peacock TV is part of the NBC network and is well known for showing the some of the English Premier League as well as a vast selection of TV Shows and Movies. Peacock TV will be showing every event of the Winter Olympics inclusive of all events airing on broadcast and cable television providing fans with a comprehensive Olympics destination for all live action and catchup viewing. The monthly price of  $4.99 USD makes Peacock TV a cheaper alternative to costly cable packages that can be priced at over $80 USD a month. Watching the 2022 Winter Olympic games couldn’t be easier through Peacock TV with StreamLocator if you follow the simple steps below:

The Step by Step guide to signing up to Peacock TV for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games:

Step 1: Purchase a StreamLocator Hub:

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Rather than relying on VPN services, which make your streaming more complicated for you to install and use, we suggest getting a StreamLocator Hub. Our service provides access to many sports services including DAZN US, CA and Germany, NHL Live, MLB TV and EPSN +. This altogether gets you every MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, EPL, Champions League and PDC darts game without any blackouts or restrictions for a fraction of the price of cable TV. StreamLocator is also a better alternative than a VPN as the StreamLocator Hub does not slow down your internet speed when streaming. Low latency and fast download speeds are especially important for streaming live sports!

Step 2: Connecting your devices

Once you have the StreamLocator hub, you can set up and connect your devices to the “StreamLocator” WiFi network. After connecting, Peacock TV will relocate automatically with the StreamLocator's built-in software

Step 3: Install the Peacock TV apps for your devices

The most effective way to use the Peacock TV streaming service is to install the app on streaming devices like your Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV or mobile devices such as Android/iOS phones and tablets.

Ask our experts at support@streamlocator.com for instructions for your particular devices.

Step 4: Sign up to Peacock TV through your device

After connecting your devices to the StreamLocator Wi-Fi network and downloading the Peacock TV app onto your device. You can sign up for Peacock TV through the device itself. This will allow you to pay through Amazon, Google or Apple Pay.

Step 5: Watch the 2022 Winter Olympic Games through Peacock TV with your StreamLocator

The StreamLocator hub allows you to watch every event in the 2022 winter Olympic Games. By signing up for the StreamLocator's subscription service, you will be able to watch the content that you want to watch with ease. No matter where you are in the world.

StreamLocator's technology is unique compared to using a VPN because it doesn’t slow down your internet speeds as a VPN does. This is very important when streaming live sports where speed can make a huge difference. This will eliminate buffering giving you a more enjoyable experience.

So there you are! Hopefully by now you will have a better understanding of how you can watch the 2022 winter olympic games through StreamLocator with ease. If you have anymore questions about StreamLocator you can contact our customer support here.