How to watch Zattoo outside Germany

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Yes, StreamLocator does unblock Zattoo Germany

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What is Zattoo, and how can I watch it?

Zattoo streams some of the biggest channels from all over Europe—live. It’s one of the best there is at what it does, and it was certainly one of the first.

In 2006, the platform was created to stream the FIFA World Cup—held that year in Switzerland. It wasn’t long before the service had over 10 million subscribers. Over the following years, their reach and content grew to provide the extensive list of channels it offers today.

There are plenty of English, Spanish, German and French-speaking channels, but as well as those, there are add-on packs for other countries and language-specific content.

Their free service offers over 90 channels from over 150 European TV networks. Their Premium and Ultimate accounts provide well over 100, most of which stream in HD. 

Zattoo’s subscriber add-ons include crime, blockbuster movies, documentaries, music, and more. There are also specific international add-ons for Turkish, Bosnian, Croatian, and Polish viewers.

Subscription accounts allow viewers to record shows, pause and replay live TV, removes the ads and the 30-hour cap on streaming each month, providing unlimited access to content.

Whatever you want to watch, from whichever corner of Europe, Zattoo has you covered.

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