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What is VRV, and how can I watch it?

VRV—or Verve, as it’s meant to be pronounced—is one of the more niche streaming services we’ve come across, aimed not only at anime and manga die-hards but classic and independent animation fans too. VRV doesn’t just offer a massive selection of anime and manga shows, cult cartoon classics, and some of the oddest animation; it dips into plenty of tech and gaming based streams too.

For what’s considered a niche service, that’s a lot of content choice.

If you’ve heard of Crunchyroll, then this is Crunchyroll on steroids. Both VRV and Crunchyroll are owned by Otter Media, a subsidiary of WarnerMedia. VRV was launched in 2016, bundling Crunchyroll with 8 other channels, providing an all-encompassing selection of specialist animation and geek-culture viewing.

On top of its own extensive catalogue, their current lineup of partner channels is:

  • Boomerang – Classic TV shows and shorts from the Warner Bros. library
  • Cartoon Hangover – Web-original indie cartoons from Frederator Studios
  • Crunchyroll – The world’s largest anime collection with simulcasts galore
  • HIDIVE – More Anime and more simulcast
  • Mondo Media – Irreverent adult-themed animation
  • NickSplat – Classic Nickelodeon shows from the 90s and early 2000s
  • Rooster Teeth – Web-animation, live-gaming and other related content
  • VRV Select – VRV’s premium selection of movies and shows for premium subscribers

Since its inception in 2016, the channel line-up has changed as often as some people change their socks. Partners to have come and gone include Funimation (another huge anime and manga provider that concentrates on ‘dubbed not subbed’ programming), Tested, RiffTrax, CollegeHumor,, Ginx TV, and Shudder.

However, despite the steady stream of ins and outs, there’s always masses to watch, much of which is available at no cost whatsoever to the viewer—20,000 hours in fact—before you even have to think about digging out your credit card.

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