How To Watch NFL Streams in the US

If you live in the US, watching the entire NFL season is quite a complicated affair. Each day’s games are split over 5 different networks which can be quite a headache.

In the US, the average household pays ~$100 every single month for cable TV - in most cases, this doesn’t even include all of the necessary sport packages to actually watch NFL games live. Adding the necessary sports channels will result in a bill that soars towards the $130 - $150 mark. Streaming services that show the NFL on the other hand, while cheaper, will still be at least $50 a month and are still subject to in-market blackouts.

To top it all off - neither option will even give you access to all of the games thanks to the ridiculous nature of NFL game rights and the various in-market blackouts in the US.

However in Canada, where football isn’t as popular, they get ALL of the NFL season by watching the NFL network channel. Yes, that’s every single regular season NFL game for $19.99 a month…

This includes all Monday, Thursday, Sunday afternoon, Sunday night NFL streams and every playoff matchup every season - all in one place.

How do you watch DAZN Canada if you are not in Canada though? Follow these easy steps:

Step 1:

Grab yourself a StreamLocator Hub and connect it at home.

Step 2:

Sign up to the US DAZN by downloading the DAZN app on your phone or signing up online.

Step 3:

Use the StreamLocator Hub to switch your DAZN location to Canada.

Step 4:

Enjoy watching the entire NFL season without compromise for only $19.99 a month!

The Breakdown

ServicePriceNo Blackouts
DAZN Canada$19.99/month 🤯Yes, watch every game
SlingTV (orange & blue)$50/monthIncludes blackouts
Hulu Live TV$65/monthIncludes blackouts
Fubo TV$65/monthIncludes blackouts
Youtube TV$65/monthIncludes blackouts
Cable (Comcast, Dish, AT&T, etc)$90+ 🤬🤬🤬Yes, with paid add-ons

All in all, while you have many options to choose from, none will come close to DAZN Canada’s versatility, game availability and value for your hard earned money. At only $19.99 a month with their annual plan you can be sure you are getting ALL of your NFL streams with no compromises.

Check out our overview on how to watch NFL streams live:

Traditional Cable - Is it the best way to watch NFL?

Ahhh good ol’ cable - reliable, quick and has all of your TV, sports you might want - is it your best option to watch NFL?

Although cable providers were historically the biggest suppliers of live sports in the worldwide and local markets, the recent meteoric rise of streaming services has made customers realize there are many drawbacks to watching and paying for traditional cable TV.

They have poor customer service (if at all), usually lock content behind extra paywalls, they don’t always show all of the games in a given season, and the biggest offender? The price.

If you want to watch any NFL at all you’ll need to pay upwards of $130 every month (and higher if you want to watch NFL redzone) just to watch 70% of the games this season... That’s not right...

All in all, while cable providers still allow a reliable and fairly easy way to watch the NFL live season, they are certainly not the best option around - especially when it comes to pricing and availability of games.

Streaming Services - Best in class NFL streams

The explosion in new sports centric streaming services over the last few years has put everyone on the edge of their seats - as you might guess, the more services allow you to watch NFL, the more competition there is between them and the better their services get as a result.

While there are many services that offer NFL streams worldwide, we decided to focus on the ones that provide the highest quality and have the overall best streaming platforms.

Sling TV (Orange + Blue)

Sling TV is one of the granddaddies of Live TV streaming in the US. They were one of the first to challenge the giant cable providers and try to beat them at their own game.

Instead of streaming those games directly, Sling simply streams the live TV channels that show those games.

Sling TV has 2 base subscription packages to choose from if you want to watch NFL:

  • Sling Orange - NFL streams available on ESPN
  • Sling Blue - NFL streams available on on Fox, NBC and the NFL Network

To get the most complete NFL coverage you will need to combine both for $45.

An additional $15 add-on to watch NFL redzone is available as well - this is on top of the Orange + Blue subscription which takes us to the $70 mark. It is definitely cheaper than traditional cable but keep in mind that Sling TV does not show every single game in the season.

Sling TV matches stream quality with their competition with 720p sports streams at 60fps. They also do not get around regional blackouts so if games are being played locally, you will still be missing out on those.

Hulu Live TV

After Hulu’s rise as a movies and TV series streaming service they decided to step into the US Live TV market and offer a similar service that streams the NFL Playoff’s, Monday Night Football and Superbowl Sunday.

Just like Sling, Hulu partners with live TV channels to show NFL streams on NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN. NFL Network. To watch NFL Redzone you’ll of course need to pay an extral $10 on top of the Hulu Live TV subscription at $65.

One advantage Hulu currently has is the quality of some of its content. Hulu streams most live events at 720p/60 fps and select channels (on compatible devices) at 1080p/60fps which includes some NFL streams.

Unfortunately for Hulu, they are also subject to the same annoying blackouts that plague the US sports market…

Fubo TV

Fubo’s rise to fame came directly from sports to begin with. First and foremost, Fubo TV is a sports streaming service and a Live TV service second.

Fubo TV shows their NFL streams at 720p/60fps like most major sports networks and they actually show (almost) all of the NFL games of the season as part of the same package. As per usual, to watch NFL Redzone you’ll need to get your wallet out again with $11 on top of the $65 base package.

Fubo TV ended up being almost perfect but unfortunately they too, cannot compete when it comes to blackouts. All of your local games will keep being blacked out.

DAZN Canada

You may have heard about DAZN if you’ve been looking into boxing matches in the US - but in Canada, it’s one of the biggest sports streaming services ever with coverage of the NFL, MLB and most major European soccer championships.

In the NFL department, they show every single game from the regular season for no additional cost. Just like the competition, DAZN Canada shows their NFL streams at 720p/60fps as well to match the current standard.