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What is Philo, and how can I watch it?

Philo started life as a method to receive TV signals and deliver them wirelessly around the students of Harvard University. Without the provision for cable TV, this method provided a replacement service for those on campus.

In 2009, Philo—previously called Tivli—was launched. By 2018 the service was reported to have amassed around 50,000 subscribers.

Philo is a live streaming service, offered as a skinny bundle at a skinny price. For only $20US/month, viewers currently pick up 59 entertainment-based channels. Subscribers can access the service on up to 3 devices with an unlimited 30-day cloud DVR facility.

As well as the live channels there’s a mass of on-demand viewing, with live pause functionality on any channel. Viewers can start programs from the beginning when joining mid-program, and have the option to watch any program aired over the previous 3 days at no additional charge.

Its interface is clean and easy to navigate; its search facility is simple and intelligent. This makes finding and saving your favourite shows for later incredibly straightforward. 

Even better, you can sign up for a free trial with just a phone number.

So far, you can watch Philo on practically any Mac or PC browser, iOS and Android smartphone or tablet, on Amazon Fire, Apple or Android TV, and Roku.

Philo is a great option for cable-cutters in the US. For everyone else, the world over, it’s a superb opportunity to access a generous selection of American live TV at a very low price.

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