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How to stream AMC+ from anywhere in the world

What is AMC+, and how can I watch it?

First launched in June 2020 exclusively to Xfinity customers, since then the service has expanded to other platforms with the use of its own app giving you all the content you need on the device you want to use.

AMC+ is a premium streaming bundle that includes content from AMC, BBC America IFC and Sundance TV - with full access to Shudder, Sundance Now and IFC Films Unlimited. This gives you thousands of hours of content on-demand with new shows and movies added weekly.

AMC+ gives you a free 7-day trial to be able to try all content available to the service before you decide to subscribe. The app is available for Amazon TV devices, Apple TV, Roku, Android TV as well as iPhones and Android phones for portability.

How can I stream AMC+ with StreamLocator?

Our smart Hub supplies an American location to unlock AMC+’s server requirements. If you want to watch AMC+’s live streams or back catalogue, you’ll need to appear as though you’re in the USA. StreamLocator helps you do just that.

No complicated settings or software installation required

One thing we know about our users is that they like to keep things simple. Well, so do we. We understand that nobody wants to have to follow complicated procedures or install new software; especially not on each of the computers and devices, they plan to view AMC+ on.

So we make sure they don’t have to.

There isn’t any software to install, nor do we expect you to update network settings, add DNS profiles or anything else.

All we need you to do is plug in our smart hub and activate your account. We take care of everything else.

Because our smart box works with your router, it works seamlessly with your Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Mac or PC, Apple or Android smartphones/tablets and even Xbox and Playstation consoles.

It won’t affect your Internet speeds or any of your usual online activities. It plugs into all existing WiFi routers, creating a link from anywhere in your home. And it works with as many devices as you connect—all at the same time, each with a different location and service if that’s what you need.

It does everything you need, and without you even knowing it’s doing it.

How to watch AMC+ from outside the USA

Online streaming services are bound by programming rights issues that vary from country to country. Because of that, the providers use geolocation tracking to pinpoint where their online viewers are. If they’re not in the right location—the United States in AMC+’s case—then their viewing gets blocked.

The most common ways to get around the blockade is to use a VPN or Smart DNS service and provide a alternate location.

How to register for AMC+ from outside the USA

The easiest way to sign up to AMC+ outside the USA is by downloading their app onto your mobile device or tablet. Once you have entered your email and the password you wish to use the app will give you two ways of paying annually at $83.88 or monthly at $8.99 with a 7-day free trial. Once you have chosen your preferred subscription length the device will allow you to use Apple or Google Pay as a payment method.

Alternatively, Apply for a virtual US card, and you’ll have access to a pre-paid US card with its own US billing address—perfect for paying subscriptions to the many US streaming services on StreamLocator’s system.

It’s easy to set up, and you can load funds to it from your usual credit card or PayPal account.

Do you need a VPN or DNS to watch AMC+ from outside the USA?

You’ll need some kind of geolocation workaround to provide a US location. Without one, you won’t be able to watch AMC+ via its apps or website.

VPN and Smart DNS are the most accepted ways; however, they’ll provide mixed results depending on which one you choose. The streaming providers are becoming wise to the many different fixes and developing more ways to cut them from the system.

Some VPN’s will provide really slow connections; depending on which servers they use to piggyback your programming.

StreamLocator works using a combination of technologies, so it always knows the best way to connect you. It makes all the calculations for you so you can concentrate on what to watch, and enjoy your viewing.

If you want a sure-fire way to provide a suitable location, every time, with no loss in service, there’s only one choice.

How to unblock AMC+

With your StreamLocator smart router, getting past the geolocation blockades is simple. Just plug it into any free port on your WiFi router, and follow the few simple steps to activate your account.

Once that’s sorted, use your new STREAMLOCATOR network to connect your device to the WiFi. And that’s it. AMC+ is yours to enjoy.

Does StreamLocator allow me to watch AMC+ for free?

Despite providing such an ingenious workaround for the location blocks, we don’t offer workarounds for subscriptions or anything else. You’ll still have to sign up for one of the price tiers to access their shows, but at such good value for such unique programming, why wouldn’t you?

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