How to watch The Matrix 4 outside of the US on December 22nd, 2021

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Wake up Neo, If you have followed the white rabbit searching for where you can find The Matrix 4 outside the US then you have come to the right place! The Matrix 4 called The Matrix Resurrections is due to be released only in Cinemas in the UK and the rest of Europe on the 24th of December. Now for The Matrix fans in the US, they not only get the advantage of watching The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections) a whole two day’s earlier they can also watch the film from the comfort of their warm homes. In the US The Matrix 4 will be released on December 22nd, 2021 for one month only on US streaming service HBO Max. HBO Max currently has The Matrix Trilogy available to stream in glorious 4K with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos so you can catch up before The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections) release on December 22nd, 2021. Below I’m going to explain what HBO Max is and how you can sign up for it..

how to watch matrix 4 outside us

So what is The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections) about?

Set twenty years after the events of The Matrix Revolutions, Neo lives a seemingly ordinary life as Thomas A Anderson in San Francisco where his therapist prescribes him blue pills. Neither he nor Trinity recognizes each other. However, Morpheus offers him the red pill and reopens his mind to the world of the Matrix.

What Is HBO Max? and how do I access HBO Max outside the US?

HBO Max is an offering from the HBO family of streaming services, HBO is one of the biggest players in American television creating TV shows including Game of Thrones, The Wire, The Sopranos, Chernobyl and many more. As it’s being operated by WarnerMedia Direct the service simulcasts big film releases from Warner Bro Studios as they hit the big

screens. Some examples of movies that have been released for a limited through the service at the same time as cinemas are Dune, Space Jam: A New Legacy, The Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman 1984.

HBO Max offers you a few options when you subscribe. You can subscribe Ad-Free at 14.99 USD a month or 149.99 USD for a year this includes access to 2021 Warner Bros. movie premieres the same day as theatres. Please note the subscription with Ads (9.99 USD a month or 99.99 USD for a year) Does not include access to 2021 Warner Bros. movie premieres the same day as theatres therefore you would need to purchase the Ad-free subscription to watch The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections).

hbo max price

When signing up through the StreamLocator hub this is the plan you need to watch The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections).

The easiest way to access HBO Max outside the US is by purchasing a StreamLocator Hub.

By purchasing a StreamLocator Hub and connecting it to your home router it allows you to access 70+ streaming services all over the world! What’s even better is how simple it is, connect all your devices to the hub through wifi or the built-in ethernet port, sign up to your favourite services and away you go!

StreamLocator also has FireTV and Android Apps as well as a chrome extension if you would rather watch only on those devices.

Streamlocator is great for watching HBO Max because it works with every smart tv and streaming device including Apple TV, Roku and gaming consoles which don’t work with VPN apps. So if watching on the big screen at home is your thing, StreamLocator is a great option!

For a step by step guide on signing up to HBO Max see below.

The Step by Step guide to watching HBO Max outside of the US

Step 1: Purchase a StreamLocator Hub

Instead of relying on any VPN services, which make it more complicated for you to install and use, we advise ordering a StreamLocator Hub. Our service will provide access to HBO Max as well as Netflix US, Netflix Canada and 40 other streaming services. This will make the process of accessing The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrections) much faster and easier for you while providing many other channels and shows for you to watch.

Step 2: Connecting your devices

After receiving your StreamLocator Hub, you can set up and connect your devices to the new “StreamLocator” WiFi network. Once connected, StreamLocator will automatically set you as a viewer from the US when you are accessing the HBO websites or apps on any of your connected devices.

Step 3: Get a US payment method

When paying for HBO Max, you will need a US payment card and billing address. We recommend using StatesCard, your very own US payment card with a billing address, where you just sign up and load it with enough funds to pay for your HBO subscription.

Check out their guide on how to pay for an HBO Max subscription.

Step 4: Sign up for HBO Max

After connecting your streaming devices to the StreamLocator WiFi network, visit Sign up on the website using your details but use your billing details provided by StatesCard.

Step 5: Install the HBO Max apps for your devices

The best way to use HBO Max is by installing the HBO Max app on any of your streaming devices like your Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV or any device.

Ask our experts at for instructions for your specific devices.

Step 6: Watch The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrection) on December 22nd, 2021

Using our service allows the set up to watch your favourite movie more enjoyable. Not only will you have exclusive access to the release of 2021s The Matrix 4 (The Matrix Resurrection), you will also have access to watch a variety of shows from the expanding catalogue on HBO Max such as, A Space Odyssey, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Dunkirk each providing engaging content for their viewers.

how to watch matrix resurrections outside us

So there you go! Set the fireplace, grab a blanket and prepare yourself to enter the world of The Matrix and see where Neo’s journey takes him on December 22nd, 2021.