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StreamLocator’s hybrid-proxy technology offers significant advantages over VPN.

  • Fast
    Streaming traffic is not encrypted supporting significantly faster speeds.
  • Reliable
    Streaming services often block VPN servers. Our technology makes it hard to detect and block StreamLocator.

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Access international catalogs from Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime and multiple Netflix countries and more…

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Never miss a game again

Watch live sports on your big screen TV in high definition, get more games for less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this hide your IP like a VPN?No, the StreamLocator browser extension is not a VPN and only helps you unblock geo-restricted streaming services. It will not help you hide from your ISP and does not affect your IP in any way. It takes the the ease of use of VPN's and the speed and reliability of DNS services and combines them into one package that does not require any additional software or complex setup to start watching.
  • Does StreamLocator let me watch paid streaming services for free?No, StreamLocator only unblocks geo-restricted content on streaming services you already have an account with. While some services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO and others require a paid subscription, many services StreamLocator supports like BBC iPlayer, ITV, Zattoo and more are completly free to watch!
  • Do I need to pick a country for every streaming service individually?If a streaming service is only available in a single country you won't need to do anything, simply visit the service's website and start streaming! If a service is available in multiple counties simply visit its website, select a country from the drop-down menu and magically gain access to that country's catalog!
  • Will StreamLocator affect my browsing or streaming speed?Absolutely not! While most VPNs tend to slow your speed to a crawl StreamLocator is special in the way that it connects you to the required location so you can watch interruption free, in glorious 4K Ultra-HD.
  • Can I try it for free?Yes you can! While the extension is in beta, it is completly free to use - Simply download and start streaming!
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What makes us streaming experts

  • rocketSuper fast streaming with our proprietary hybrid-proxy technology
  • Purposely built global reliable streaming network
  • Immediate, kind and professional customer support

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