The best streaming services for horror movies and horror TV shows

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What if you’re an out-and-out horror fan? If gripping the remote until your knuckles turn white is more your thing? Well, today, we’re going to tell you where to stream in a scare-fest like no other.

Welcome to the top StreamLocator ‘screaming’ services

We have to admit it, the big names in streaming have got you covered probably as well as anyone could hope for. However, pretty much all the streaming services with on-demand viewing have plenty of horror genre movies and TV shows to keep you hiding behind the sofa and scraping your other half from the ceiling for as long as your nerves can cope.

So. Where shall we start?

Best horror movies on Shudder

Given it’s a genre-specific service and solely dedicated to streaming horror movies and TV shows, Shudder is a great place to start. You won’t just find the old classics here—but there are so many vintage masterpieces to work your way through you don’t need much else—you’ll also find a choice of new release movies and series regularly added to their catalogue.

Oh, and Shudder subscriptions start at only US $5.99/month.

Scrolling down their titles, you’ll spot plenty that you know and love: Halloween, Hellraiser, The Hills Have Eyes, and House of 1000 Corpses—and that’s just a tiny handful under the ‘H’ movies. For every famous classic horror you'll find, there are ten more hidden gems to broaden your expertise in the genre.

One of the things we really love about Shudder is, as well as being able to scroll through their vast movie selection to pick your Friday night favorite, they also offer a whole load of specially assembled ‘Collections’.

Shudder’s collections are great. If you know what you’re in the mood for but don’t have the insight into that ilk's unknown titles, Shudder does. Each collection is broken down into sub-genres, too, making picking out precisely what you need even more streamlined.

For example, Horror 101 features all-time favorites and classic programming; full of the essential movies for beginners and established horror-hungry aficionados alike. Dig deeper in, and you’ll find sub-genres like A Woman’s Touch (female directors), Foundations of Horror (vintage classics), Slashics (classic slasher movies), and whatever else Shudder has picked out for its viewers at that time.

There are plenty of creepy documentaries to get hooked on too. As we say, Shudder offers a superb selection of horror genre viewing in a very stylized and classic skin, but with all the tools to make it a tech-savvy streamer.

If you want inspiration into what to watch, Vulture, New York magazine’s culture platform, have stacked up their 50 Best Horror Movies on Shudder. You could watch one each week for almost a year—now that sounds just the ticket to us here at ScreamLocator.

Horror movies and TV shows on Netflix

Alive, Insidious, A Quiet Place, The Platform, Don’t Breathe, The Cabin in the Woods—just a few of the best in the horror selection you’ll find on Netflix. But you’d expect that. They’ve got such vast catalogues in every genre; why would they ease up on such a big draw as horror movies and TV?

When it comes to the latest TV shows and horror boxsets worthy of a good binge, Netflix is right up there—always. The Haunting of Hill House was a recent title to hook the world, and if you can call Stranger Things horror (and we think you can just about get away with it), then there hasn’t been many more popular titles across the full catalogue.

Birdbox was a Netflix Original and another massive favorite, breaking records as their most-watched movie at the time. Full of intrigue and intense edge-of-the-seat moments, it sent viewers scrambling to be the first to figure out what the hell was going and why everyone was going crazy to watch it.

We love this list from the movie experts, Rotten Tomatoes. It’s a superb mix of old and new, TV and movies, and not entirely the movies you’d expect. There are titles in here we’d never have thought to include. Judged on the highest scoring horror movies of their database that had received a minimum of 20 reviews, it’s probably what makes it a little more quirky than typical. Yet, with so many options, you’d happily sit down to any night of the week.

Horror movies and TV shows on Amazon Prime

Once you’ve watched The Shining, do you even need to watch anything else? When Jack Torrance announces, “Here’s Johnny!” he’s just telling you he’s right here, on Amazon Prime.

It’s horror at its best; a Kubrick classic penned by the master of horror, Stephen King. If you hunger for more horror greats, Prime has plenty to keep you going: Get Out, The Blair Witch Project, The Strangers, Let Me In, Evil Dead—there’s a classic in every scroll of their options.

There’s no shortage of up-to-date content, either. Amazon has invested plenty of cash into horror for their Amazon Original content: Them, Fortitude, Lore, Truth Seekers—all unique to the service. Then there are plenty of popular recent(ish) titles for those looking for a worthy catch-up binge: Grimm, Bedlam, nine seasons of AHS (American Horror Story), and the brilliant Hannibal with Mads Mikkelsen taking the role of Lecter.

It depends on the type of horror you’re looking for, but we love this list. Once again, from New Yorker Magazine’s culture pages,, this is their 40 Best Horror Movies on Amazon Prime. It includes plenty of classic titles and also some less well-known options for those looking for hidden horror gems and truly wonderful off-piste options.

A bonus of subscribing to Prime is that you can include Shudder as an add-on. All the horror in one neat, tied-up place. That’s what we like at StreamLocator; easy to access is our middle name, after all.

Other honorable mentions go to…

Starz has an abundance of horror to get your teeth into. If you missed the Saw franchise (where were you?), you can get all seven movies here. You’ll also have access to titles such as Underworld Blood Wars, Amityville The Awakening, The Hills Have Eyes 2, Aliens vs Predator. If you need a chuckle to calm your nerves between all the jumps, why not give the ultimate comedy-horror parody Scream a run?

Tubi also has plenty to shout about when it comes to horror and sci-fi—and it’s all free content. From mainstream movies to slasher specials, cult classics, to hidden gems, there’s plenty for viewers to go at. Just a few of their absolute belters: Thirteen Ghosts, Hell House LLC, The Taking of Deborah Logan, and The Wailing. If you feel like digging in a little deeper, check out Signal Horizon Magazine’s recommendations. There’s even more there to add to your ‘must-watch list'.

And finally, another free service, Crackle, pitches its share of scare to the masses. If you haven’t seen The Ring, then you need to; if zombies are more your thing, watch Train To Busan; and if you’re afraid of being shut-in and gag at the idea of psychological kidnappings, perhaps 10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t for you—unless that’s how you get your horror kicks, of course!