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StreamLocator is a plug & play smart router that connects to your existing home router and works with ANY WiFi enabled device, including all Smart TVs and gaming consoles to unblock international streaming and live sports sevices.

Switch your location with a flick of a switch to access alternative content libraries or avoid sports blackouts.

Get access to 50+ of the world's most popular streaming and live sports services, including multiple Netflix countries, wherever you are in the world.

Why StreamLocator?

In short, using our hub just WORKS. No broken promises - get access to international catalogs of your existing services and start using free and paid services only available in other countries.

Watch on your TV!

You can now stream internationally on ANY internet enabled device, including Smart TVs, games consoles and streaming sticks (including Roku!)

Because StreamLocator doesn't need any apps or software to work, you just need to be able to connect your streaming devices via WiFi or wired straight to the hub.

Simple To Set Up & Get Started

It takes a few minutes to get started. You won't need to install any apps or software to make StreamLocator work.

Just connect the hub to your router, then connect your devices to the new internet network - and start streaming.

No throttled bandwidth

Unlike VPNs, using StreamLocator won't impact your bandwidth and our hub offers superfast speeds, allowing multiple 4K streams at the same time.

StreamLocator means your streaming power is as good as your internet provider.

World's best streaming services

We're 100% about streaming and have made sure we reliably support more services than anyone else - with multiple Netflix countries - and add more each week.

We can even help you get around sports blackouts - Check out the sports section for more info.

Find all our services supported here

What you get with StreamLocator

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  • The Hub

    Super fast and able to handle multiple HD and 4K streams at the same time.

    Up to 867Mbps+300Mbps speed with dual band 2.4/5 Ghz 802.11ac WiFi 1 WAN and 4 LAN Gigabit Ethernet Ports.

  • 12 Month Subscription

    Every Hub comes with a 12 Month StreamLocator subscription.

    After your initial period ends, it will renew at US$5.83 per month with a annual plan (or USD$6.99 with the monthly plan) unless cancelled. No contracts, cancel anytime.

    You have 30 days after your hub is delivered to cancel with our money-back guarantee.

  • A whole world of content

    For services available in multiple countries (hello Netflix!), just choose your country from the StreamLocator dashboard and open the website or app on your device. StreamLocator will do the rest!

    Any services available only in one country (oh hi Hulu!), just go to the website or app on any connected device and we'll automatically do the rest.

    Sports blackouts? No problem! StreamLocator can also help you avoid pesky blackouts with multiple sports services.

  • Amazing Customer Support

    We pride ourselves on exceptional customer support, which is why you'll often see this mentioned in our customer reviews.

    If you've got questions, problems or just want to request a new streaming service, we're always ready to help.

    Oh and did we mention our 30-day money-back guarantee? If you don't like StreamLocator, we'll refund you straight away.

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