How to watch DAZN’s complete catalogue from whichever of the new 200 territories you live in

How to watch DAZN’s complete catalogue from whichever of the new 200 territories you live in

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How to stream without borders

As wonderful as the launch into all of these new countries and territories sounds, it’s not what it appears on the surface.

Fortunately, for true sports fans the world over, StreamLocator has the answer. If you want more sports from your streams than just the big fight action, we’re here to open up a far wider range of catalogues into almost all of the sports DAZN offers—wherever you live.

1st December 2020 – DAZN goes truly international!

DAZN has finally made good of its promise to launch its service in 200 territories, bringing a world of sport to, well, almost every corner of the globe. Initially, they’d expected to carry out their grand roll out in the summer of 2020, but because of the weird and wonderful year 2020 has been, everything became a little trickier than they expected.

On 1st December 2020, the moment finally arrived, and those new countries and territories found that the channel was available to stream on their Smart TVs, Mac and PCs, tablets and mobiles.

The excitement around the launch consisted of some spectacular boxing matches.

However, all that glitters isn’t sporting gold.

It’s true, DAZN has made its name as one of the giants in sports streaming—predominantly, one of the premier places to watch international boxing and a range of other fighting sports.

By focussing on the big fights in December, and a super low subscription cost, DAZN was looking better than ever.

A smaller subscription for a far smaller selection of sports

What they aren’t focussing on is what you don’t get.

For your $2 or $3 US monthly subscription (£1.99 UK) you will get access to a ‘selection’ of the world’s biggest fight action, a healthy range of archive footage, and some of DAZN’s original programming.

If you’re expecting to watch all the sports, from all over the world, get ready to be disappointed.

When you look over the catalogue of sports on show to their already-available subscriber countries: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Canada and the US, they remain the same, as does their price tag. Typically, in these countries, the subscription stays around the $19.99 US monthly cost you’d expect for the content they deliver.

Even the boxing is limited in some of the biggest markets

Even amidst the excitement from this mass-market assault and the wide-ranging press publicity, there are plenty of licensing limitations in place that limit the coverage we all really want.

And it’s not just the wide range of sports available in the original subscriber countries. Out of the big fight nights they’re launching with if you’re in the UK and a few other countries, you’re not even getting the best of those.

You won’t be able to view the Saunders vs. Murray fight in the UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand.

The Joshua vs. Pulev fight isn’t available in the UK or Ireland, and the Canelo vs. Smith fight isn’t available in Mexico.

If you live in the UK, you’ll be starting to wonder what you do get for your money.

Licensing limitations put the brakes on complete worldwide coverage

Each country’s catalogue is subject to licensing rights held by DAZN, which means you have to check that what you want to watch is available where you are. If not, then you need to find a way to access the countries that do.

And that’s where StreamLocator has you covered.

StreamLocator taps into the best catalogues DAZN has on offer—wherever you are in the world

Our virtual location system has cracked the best DAZN catalogues on offer, opening up the content you really want, taking a back door in around the smoke and mirrors provided by their latest marketing assault.

Check out how you can stream the DAZN content from their biggest and best catalogues in Canada and Germany, accessing the most diverse and wide selections they’ve got to offer from their best option subscriber countries.

To give you an idea of what sport is available in which country, check out our list. You’ll soon see that the two territories StreamLocator covers provide almost everything you could possibly want to watch, as well as hundreds of other less mainstream sports and competitions.

The following are merely a selection of the most popular competitions in the most widely watched sports. For an all-inclusive list, Wikipedia has about the best selection of DAZN’s licensing rights listed to date.

Football (soccer):


American Football:

Ice Hockey:

Rugby Union:


Pick your prime sport, matches and competitions, and then choose your catalogues

For those in the US who’d love to find an affordable way to access all the American football, ice hockey, and baseball, then jumping to DAZN via StreamLocator is an excellent option.

The same goes for UK soccer fans hoping to see all the games without having to subscribe to UK TV providers for all the latest matches.

Until DAZN find a way to deliver a truly global catalogue of sports, we think StreamLocator will do just the job you need, and so much more.