How to watch Xumo outside the US

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What is Xumo, and how can I watch it?

Xumo is an American video on demand and streaming service. Its listings offer around 180 channels of interest-based viewing, selected live streams and a range of on-demand content.

Xumo is completely free to view with the cost of the content covered by video-ads, playing across all channels.

Every one of the 180 channels has a streaming section as well as the on-demand content. You’ll have plenty of access to clip shows, short features, movies and TV programs.

Xumo’s categories are wide-ranging; they include all the staples of traditional television, and more than a few surprises are thrown in to satisfy every taste and preference.

Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something that relates: comedy, entertainment, food and drink, travel, music, sport, news, movies and more. It’s all there, just waiting for you to dig in.

The content you’ll find in each of the categories is provided by the likes of FilmRise, American Classics, Bloomberg, ABC News Live, CBSN, The Today Show, Fox Sports, Field & Stream, World Poker Tour and more.

As a web-based service, you can watch Xumo via any web browser, Android and iOS apps on your smartphones, Amazon Fire or Android TV, Roku, or as part of the installed options on a wide variety of Smart TVs.

Xumo is available in several other countries as well as its native USA operation. However, many of the additional regions only allow access through the built-in apps of Smart TVs. And you won’t find apps for some of the more popular systems, including Apple TV, Chromecast or with the major games consoles.

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