How to watch UK Prime Video outside the UK

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What is UK Prime Video, and how can I watch it?

You’d have had to have been hidden under a rock for the past 10 years to not have heard of Amazon Prime Video.

Added to their ever-growing list of services, by the mightiest of the online shopping giants, Amazon created their video-on-demand service in 2006 under its original brand of ‘Amazon Unbox’. That was in the US—Prime Video wasn’t added to the UK Prime service until 2014.

Not satisfied with providing some of the best TV shows, series and movies, Prime Video also offers viewers additional subscription channels, to watch other suppliers’ content. As well as that, Amazon broke into the sports market, obtaining rights to broadcast a selection of Premier League football matches as well as a host of other specialist sports viewing.

Amazon Prime Video create and air some of the greatest TV shows and movies available. Their exclusive programming leaves many of its competitors in the shade. Without doubt, Prime Video is one of the most popular and provoking content providers you’ll find to date.

From Good Omens to Grey’s Anatomy, Game Night to American Sniper—and everything in between—you’ll find so much high-quality content on their servers, you could wonder why you’d ever need to go anywhere else.

However, it’s widely accepted that some of the best content delivers primarily to the UK and USA, leaving other countries’ catalogues falling short. If you live outside the UK and you want to watch their exclusive content, read on, and we’ll show you how you can.

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