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What is Netflix, and how can I watch it?

Long gone are the days of waiting until a program aired each week to catch up with the latest plotline and story. We live in a TV-on-demand world where we get to watch pretty much what we want, when we want, with no shortage of programs to choose from.

Netflix is one of the world leaders in the field and has been a significant part of the progression into how we watch television.

If you’d seen them at their humble beginnings, offering a mail-order VHS video-rental service, you might be surprised to see how well they’ve grown. With current operations in over 190 countries and a net income of over $1.8 billion, they’re one of the biggest and best providers in the market today.

That’s not all, though. They’ve also grown into one of the leading television producers and providers of the day. Much of their custom content has turned into award-winning viewing. It’s certainly the talk of the workplace and increasingly plastered all over social media.

Netflix makes great TV. Their shows and movies often break the boundaries of how we’re used to watching television and the ways we can do it. If you haven’t watched Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Tiger King or Peaky Blinders, then it’s about time you did.

There are over 6,000 titles available on Netflix. They include some of the best TV and movies you’ll ever see. It’s easy to see why we all love a dose of Netflix, and how it’s become another staple of our home entertainment.

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