How to watch UK Disney+ outside the UK

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What is Disney Plus, and how can I watch it?

Disney Plus (or Disney+) is Walt Disney’s own subscription and streaming on-demand service.

Disney has forever been a world leader in all manner of TV and movie production, but primarily Disney is synonymous with children’s and family viewing.

In a fairly recent deal, Disney took over 21st Century Fox, and their already incredibly broad range of viewing became even wider and more diverse.

There’s no shortage of wonderful things to watch on Disney Plus—favourites, old and new. Everything from the Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar franchises, to big-budget movies such as Frozen, Mulan, and Hamilton. Then there’s your kids’ daily intake of the Mandalorian, High School Musical (the series), Encore, and Diary of a Future President. If you’ve got kids—or you’re a big who never grew up yourself—you’ll know just how big a gap the world of Disney can fill.

But that’s not all. You’ll grab a good dose of documentaries, as Walt Disney owns the majority stake in National Geographic, providing more than 50 documentaries and docuseries available on a UK Disney+ subscription. There are masses of classic documentary shows ranging from as far back as the 1950s, right up to the here and now with ultra-accessible offerings featuring The World According to Jeff Goldblum, One Strange Rock, or Life Below Zero; a tiny handful of the most recent releases.

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