How to watch TNT outside the US

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What is TNT, and how can I watch it?

TNT (Turner Network Television) is one of the biggest television networks in the USA. Originally launched in 1988, TNT now broadcasts a vast range of TV drama and entertainment, including blockbuster movies, some of the most popular serial shows, and a variety of sports coverage.

Whether you’re tuning in to watch the latest episode of Snowpiercer, The Alienist or I Am The Night or catch a movie, such as Prometheus, Divergent or any one of the Star Wars saga, they’re all available for you to watch.

There’s also a great selection of sports on offer. Whether you’re a wrestling, PGA Golf, NBA, or NFL fan—you’ll find it easy to get your fill of the action.

TNT is a cable and satellite channel, available to those paying for a subscription via the usual avenues. However, for cable-cutters, or those wishing to view the channel from outside the US, there are plenty of online options to catch their live streams and on-demand viewing.

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