How to watch STARZ outside the US

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What is Starz, and how can I watch it?

Starz is a cable and satellite provider with a massive library of popular movies and original TV. It also offers an on-demand streaming service so its viewers can access their wealth of viewing via an app across countless platforms, or directly from their website.

For viewers with a cable or satellite subscription, access to their streaming content, through their website or app, is covered at no extra charge. For those without, well, an affordable monthly subscription is all you need.

Starz holds a wide variety of TV hits and blockbuster movies, all available to stream on-demand. This exceptional network has its fair share of award-winning TV under its belt. Amongst its biggest current titles, you won’t be surprised to find such favourites as Outlander, American Gods, Black Sails and Power. You could catch a movie? How about catching Venom, Black Hawk Down or Brightburn on Starz?

Not satisfied with bingeing box sets? There’s plenty of movies and documentaries just waiting to be had, too.

You’ll regularly find movies that have just finished in the cinema appear in the Starz listings too. It’s a great second chance for those who missed them when they were first launched onto the big screen.

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