How to watch Sling TV outside the US

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What is Sling TV, and how can I watch it?

Sling TV is an option that sits firmly between cable or satellite viewing and a typical on-demand streaming service.

It allows viewers to enjoy many of their favourite live channels without the hefty subscription commitment. A slightly smaller selection of channels with a lower price tag is an advantageous option for those who would like to supplement their Netflix or Prime Video viewing.

Firm favorites as AMC, CNN, NBC, TNT, ESPN, Bloomberg TV, Cartoon Network, Comedy Central, Fox, Disney, Lifetime—and plenty more—are available over different packages, or the entire collection is included in the complete bundle.

What you do get, however, is an abundance of live sport, news, and entertainment, including many of your favourite titles.

If you can’t find something specific that you can’t live without, there are also options for single-channel or multi-channel add-ons. Those include all sorts of sports, news, children’s viewing and international viewing packages.

There are also add-on options for single and multiple device streams. There’s one for Cloud DVR and DVR Plus, enabling advanced live pause control during your programs.

Sling TV is a fantastic option for anyone who wants some additional conventional live content without having to cough up for a cable or satellite service they’d be tied into for longer than they care to be. 

It’s got an attractive interface with plenty of easy to find content. Used to supplement on-demand services or for overseas viewers who’d like an alternative method to catch some of the major US channels, Sling TV is a great option.

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