How to watch Pluto TV outside the US

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What is Pluto TV, and how can I watch it?

Pluto TV is a free American Internet television service. Owned by ViacomCBS, it provides video-on-demand programming, and offers it all for free to its viewers, utilizing advertiser-supported income.

Pluto licenses its content directly from around 170 partners, creating over 250 channels worth of programs. Pushing all of this out using its website and a range of apps, there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of viewing for the 20-million-plus active monthly viewers.

As well as on-demand programs, there are a small selection of live channels, such as Bloomberg and CBSN, but also, there are some of the household name channels that have rehashed content from the previous few days.

You can pick through over 200 channels that include categories for news, sport, comedy, gaming, chill, entertainment, lifestyle, science and documentaries—as well as a range of music and radio channels.

Don’t be surprised if you see something a little different too; Pluto will surprise you with Cats 24/7, Anime All Day, Pluto Science, and Vibes—all more niche than your standard viewing expectations.

Plenty of your favourites provide yet more content to sink your teeth into, yet not necessarily via their usual channel. MTV, Comedy Central, Paramount, NBC News, CNN and many more big names, all contribute programs to those you’ll find on Pluto.

The movie channels are also themed by genre; with names like Pluto movies, Flicks of Fury or Horror 24/7, you’ll soon be able to work out which are your most likely cinematic favourites.

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