How to watch NBC outside the US

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What is NBC, and how can I watch it?

NBC is one of the classic American networks—and one of the biggest. 

It’s part of the ‘Big Three’ alongside CBS and ABC. It’s responsible for massive TV hits including Saturday Night Live and This Is Us, sports staples such as Sunday Night Football, and all-time classics like Days of Our Lives.

With leading news and sports coverage, kids’ TV, entertainment and drama, NBC is the American channel with something for everyone.

The NBC network has been around throughout most of television history, founded in 1926 by RCA (Radio Corporation of America). It has grown into the giant we see on our screens today, with millions of viewers and fans alike.

For cable-cutters, the ‘Peacock Network’ has masses of content available to stream from their website or via a multitude of apps, available for a range of different devices. You’ll need your cable or satellite login to access what’s on offer, but once you’ve logged on, everything you need is free, as part of your existing subscription.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an NBC satellite or cable service subscription, you can tune into their live channels using an alternative provider. There is a healthy selection to include NBC as part of their bundle; they also include plenty of other channels, networks, shows and movies to pick your way through.

Try FuboTV, SlingTV, or AT&T TV NOW. They’ll all provide access to NBC without the hefty cable subscription.

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