How to watch Acorn TV UK outside the UK

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What is Acorn TV, and how can I watch it?

Acorn TV has been streaming UK, Irish, Australian and New Zealand TV shows and movies to US audiences since 2013. In April 2020 it opened its doors to viewers in the UK, finally adding them to its list of subscribing countries.

The Acorn Media Group started its distribution service to viewers in the US way back in 1994—with videotapes! With the changes in technology and the rise of the Internet over the years, Acorn is now a major streaming service, operating in over 30 countries.

Acorn launched in the UK with a fantastic selection of TV shows. From high-quality, world-class dramas, to mysteries, comedies, and more—from all around the world, and without any annoying advertising to break up the viewing.

It opened to its UK audience, premiering Queens of Mystery exclusively—a show commissioned by Acorn. Other big-name titles included The Brokenwood Mysteries (the first 3 series), George Gently (series 1–7), Wild at Heart (series 1–8), as well as Foyle’s War, a contemporary adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, and the BAFTA-award winning Accused.

With over a million subscribers in the States, there’s bound to be a mass of UK viewers signing up for the same superb style of content. And if you’re not in the UK, well, that doesn’t have to stop you now, does it?

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