The Super Sports Show with Glenn - June 11th, 12th and 13th

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Hi folks! Glenn here!

So finally, it is time for Euro 2020 (weird seeing it is 2021) but with everything that has happened it got pushed back a year!

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So let's get on with the predictions!

Friday 11th June:

Turkey VS Italy 20:00 (GMT) – live on BBC iPlayer

Opening matches of a major tournament are always magical! The excitement – the build up! I am going for a Italy win.

My Prediction: Italy 2-1

Saturday 12th June:

Wales Vs Switzerland 14:00 (GMT) – live on BBC iPlayer

I have a soft spot for Wales (it is where I went to School) and they have a great team – it may only have a few superstars but they play well as a team. So I am going for a Wales win.

My Prediction: Wales 2-0

Denmark Vs Finland17:00 (GMT) – live on BBC iPlayer

I don’t have the greatest knowledge of either team. But from what I know Denmark will have that something extra. So going for a Denmark win

My Prediction: 1-0 Denmark

Belgium Vs Russia 20:00 (GMT) – live on ITV Hub

Belgium are the current number 1 ranked team in the world so all I can see is a Belgium win.

My Prediction: 3-0 Belgium

Sunday June 13th - TIME FOR THE BIG ONE

England Vs Croatia 14:00 (GMT) – live on BBC iPlayer

Is football coming home? Can England win their first trophy since 1966? YES THEY CAN. BELIEVE! We have great attacking players (bit of a dodgy defense) but that means we will outscore who we play!

My prediction: 2-1 England!

Austria Vs North Macedonia 17:00 (GMT) live on ITV Hub

Austria all day long! Going to keep this short and sweet!

My prediction: 2-0 Austria

Holland Vs Ukraine 20:00 (GMT) live on ITV Hub

Holland all day long for me – they have always had great teams. Plus, their kit is amazing!

My prediction: 3-0 Holland

That is it for the opening weekend of the Euros! But stay tuned for more and remember - Stream all of the matches above comepleltly FREE on ITV Hub and BBC iPlayer using StreamLocator