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The NFL season kicks off every year in September and completes in February with the Super Bowl.

If you live in the US, it can become quite a complicated affair simply catching the games on its traditionally available channels. Each day’s play is split over 5 different networks which can be quite a headache.

What you need as a US resident is a package that includes all of these channels. It’s not impossible but it is expensive.

But maybe there's another way? Check out our breakdown of your best NFL streaming options.

Access to the most complete NFL streaming service in the world using DAZN Canada

Not only does DAZN stream every single game of the regular NFL season - it’s a bargain compared to the alternatives and it is considered one of the best NFL streaming service's available.

For just $20 US/month, you’ll have so much sport action at your fingertips you’ll never want to leave the sofa.

If you’ve still got an American Football itch that needs scratching after watching all the NFL games on offer, you’ll also have full access to the NCAA college football series. You see, I told you you wouldn’t get bored.

StreamLocator’s NFL streaming options for fans of NFL streaming around the globe

We’ve got a selection of alternatives that can help NFL fans get a chunk of the action via other means. Here are our best bets:

  • DAZN Canada - every regular-season NFL game including Monday, Thursday, Sunday and Sunday night games - $120 annually for all games.
  • Fubo TV - partial coverage - Sunday and Thursday night games. NFL Redzone for an extra cost - $780 annually.
  • Sling TV - partial coverage - some Sunday afternoon games, Monday Nights and Thursday nights - $540 annually.

A quick word about NFL Redzone

The NFL Redzone channel is something of a football fan’s fantasy. With 7 hours of live football on offer, viewers can see every touchdown from every game every Sunday afternoon during the regular NFL season.

Whenever any team hits the 20-yard line, the afore-mentioned red zone, the channel cuts straight to the local broadcaster covering the game. You’ll get to see any turnovers, game-changing plays, and scoring outside the red zone too. It’s really quite the Sunday spectacular and quite the cult channel for football fans in the States.

Our pick for the best NFL streaming service

Taking all of that in, it looks like the best and cheapest option is DAZN Canada. They stream all regular season NFL games via NFL Game Pass and is absolutely the best way to stream NFL games today.

Low monthly ($16) and annual cost ($120), full coverage and all of the extra sports I'm willing to bet you did not even think of - MLB Network, Top level EU Soccer, boxing and MMA, tennis and cricket.

Armed with your DAZN subscription and your StreamLocator Hub you will even have access to DAZN Germany which which holds even more UFC, WWE, Motorsport and even worldwide dart championships.

Catching the latest NFL football from your sofa never looked so good

With our suggestions and our smart-hub, you shouldn’t be far from having an endless wave of NFL streaming into your TV with the least amount of fuss. If you’re having problems connecting to any of our supported services, get in touch, and we’ll sort things out for you—it’s what we’re here for, after all.

There’s no reason at all to miss the football now—whichever day or night your favorite teams are playing, or wherever you around the globe. And who wouldn’t want to throw a huge Super Bowl party each year? Grab me a beer and a burger, will you?