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There’s a lot of basketball on TV, but let’s face it, the games we all really want to see are almost always those of the NBA.

Catching all the games, much like with the other 3 big sports in the States, becomes somewhat convoluted with different games airing on different channels. When it comes to the NBA, the channels in charge of them are:

  • ABC
  • ESPN and ESPN2
  • TNT
  • NBA TV

As well as the channels streaming international games from the States and Canada, there’s a selection of regional sports networks (RSNs) that cover viewers’ local games. For those in the States and Canada, this is where everything gets tricky.

To watch local games, the national streams ‘blackout’ viewing over the major channels in your area, making sure you support the local networks.

When it comes to the RSNs, FOX Sports cover 17 NBA teams, NBC Sports RSNs handle 9 teams, and AT&T’s SportsNet RSNs a mere 2 teams.

To watch your local games and the rest of the national contests, you need to find a service that includes your regional network and the major channels that show everything you want to watch.

Even if I lived in the States, I’d dump all of that for a StreamLocator smarthub and a subscription to our favourite option. Not only is everything neatly gathered up all in one place—it’s cheaper!

So, to our winner for watching the NBA and a bunch of other basketball excellence, bag yourself a StreamLocator smarthub and get on over to DAZN.

Access the most basketball coverage with DAZN

If you sign up to the Canadian DAZN platform, you make life much easier for yourself when it comes to switching to other country’s networks. If you sign up using the German platform you won’t get the same kind of ease of switching, in fact, it won’t let you switch at all—so that’s your first job.

When it comes to shooting hoops with DAZN, both Canadian and German platforms offer you plenty of action—both have their advantages, but ultimately it’s the German catalogue we spring for. That said, the Canadian platform does hold one big advantage.

How to watch the FIBA Basketball World Cup

If you select the Canadian DAZN catalogue, then you’ll get live and on-demand access to the FIBA Basketball World Cup and the FIBA AmeriCup qualifications. If you’ve never heard of either of those, FIBA is to basketball (almost) what FIFA is to soccer. It’s the world cup tournament between 32 competing nations. It happens every 4 years, with separate competitions for men and women, with the women’s competition happening a year after the men’s.

DAZN Germany has the best unrestricted basketball coverage

Here’s the list of all the basketball goodness you’ll get when you switch over to DAZN Germany.

NBA and NCAA basketball (United States)

The first and mightiest of the leagues is, of course, the NBA and NCAA. DAZN Germany streams live and on-demand games throughout the week.

NBA – The National Basketball Association: professional North American (including one team from Canada) basketball league.

NCAA – American college basketball.

Basketball Champions League (Europe)

The Basketball Champions League is an annual competition for European professional clubs (organised by FIBA). Switch over to DAZN Germany for live and on-demand action.

Liga ACB (Spain)

Liga ACB – or Liga Endesa, is the top division of the Spanish professional basketball league. Also playing on DAZN Germany, live and on-demand.

Copa del Rey (Spain)

Copa del Rey – the annual Spanish cup contest, arranged by the Liga ABC, and yes, you guessed it, streaming live and on-demand with DAZN Germany.

Supercopa de España (Spain)

Supercopa de España – A professional Spanish basketball supercup tournament.

Basketbol Süper Ligi (Turkey)

Basketbol Süper Ligi – The top division—Super League—of the Turkish basketball league.

Not only does DAZN stream every last game of the NBA as well as a selection of European leagues and competitions, but it’s also a bargain compared to the alternatives.

For just €11.99/month, you’ll have so much basketball streaming into your screens you won’t want to leave the house.

>> How to sign up for DAZN Germany from outside Germany

StreamLocator alternatives for basketball fans streaming the NBA from around the globe

We’ve got a selection of alternatives that can help NBA fans get a chunk of the action via other means. Here are our 2nd place bets:

  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV

So, what do you get from each service, and how much do they cost? We’ll cover those essential aspects to help you decide which is the best route is for you to take.

Streaming NBA basketball on AT&T TV NOW

AT&T TV NOW features ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and TNT for the $55 US/month subscription.

Bump things up to the $80 US/month option if you’re already in the States, and you’ll get a range of RSNs, including NBC Sports, YES Network, MSG Network and Fox Sports.

If you’re already subscribing to AT&T TV NOW, then you’ll get a good selection of the NBA games for your contribution. If you’re not, skip straight to DAZN. They’ve got the lot and for far less money.

Streaming NBA basketball on Fubo TV

Fubo TV offers NBC Sports RSNs and some of the SportsNet regional networks, so for stateside viewers, check out if it handles the games you’d like to watch. It covers the national games via ABC and ESPN via its $65 US/month subscription.

$6 US/month adds NBA TV to your plan, so ultimately, you’re only one channel off the full line-up.

Streaming NBA basketball on Sling TV

Sling TV’s Orange plan will get you ESPN and TNT for $35 US/month, but you don’t get ABC for that. You can add NBA TV as part of the Sports Extra add-on for $11 US/month, which helps get you some additional games and shows.

Catching the latest NBA basketball from your sofa never looked so good

With our suggestions and our smart-hub, you shouldn’t be far from having an endless stream of basketball streamed into your TV with the least amount of fuss. If you’re having problems connecting to any of our supported services, get in touch, and we’ll sort things out for you—it’s what we’re here for, after all.

There’s no reason at all to miss the NBA or some of the finest European games either—wherever you around the globe or from waaaaay downtown…