What's new on HBO Max in October 2020?

What's new on HBO Max in October 2020?

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New TV Shows and Movies on HBO Max in October 2020:

In October, HBO Max debuted a new 10-episode series, “A World of Calm,” a peaceful, calming show to combat the hectic reality of the world right now. Nicole Kidman and Kate Winslet join Lucy Liu, Mahershala Alis, Idris Elba and Keanu Reeves in a cast practically hand-crafted to relax viewers. It’s a collaboration between the Calm app and Nutopia, the team behind National Geographic’s critically-acclaimed “One Strange Rock.”

For comedy fans, there are two “Austin Powers” movies, as well as Billy Crystal and Robert De Niro in “Analyze This” and its sequel, “Analyze That.”

Cinephiles will be pumped for the 1933 hit “Bombshell” and “Top Hat,” while Christopher Guest’s “Best in Show” sends up high-end dog shows and their crazed owners. Hard-core “Lethal Weapon” fans can enjoy all four films this month.

HBO Max Originals include the drama “Charm City Kings,” about an an infamous group of Baltimore dirt bike riders, and two notable documentaries: “Equal,” about the LGBTQ+ movement, and “The Soul Of America, based on Jon Meacham’s bestseller about our fraught political reality.

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