What's new on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020?

What's new on Amazon Prime Video in October 2020?

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Halloween season and Amazon Prime Video is looking like the go to streaming service for horror movies and thrillers. This month's release of Jason Blumhouse's eight horror movies, which Amazon Prime Video has cleverly named "Welcome to the Blumhouse", has been heavily anticipated, and is sure to bring lots of Halloween fun and horror. The movies will showcase rising stars in the horror movie industry, and came out October 6th.

If Halloween isn't your thing, there's plenty of non-spooky content to satisfy your needs. Check out James Bond iconically kicking butt in "Quantum of Solace", get a great laugh out of the 1987 "Spaceballs", or get in touch with your human side with "A Most Beautiful Thing."

NOTE: All of these titles are available on Amazon Prime Video, and may not be available in your country. Wanna watch them anyways? Streamlocator’s got your back. Check out our guide on how to watch Amazon Prime Video, even if you're outside the US.

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