Netflix continues to grow its foreign library while screwing over its customers

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Over 60% of Netflix's users are international - or as Netflix refers to them - Global Subscribers. And its global subscribers are the ones driving the majority of the company's growth, accounting for 45% of the Netflix's quarterly revenue. In order to keep growing and capturing these new markets, Netflix has had to up their game when it comes to their international content.

Ampere Analysis has recently released a report outlining Netflix's budget for original content: a monstrous 2.8 billion dollars. But of that, over 30% has been earmarked for international originals.

It's a bold strategy, but it seems to be working for Netflix as their revenue streams continue to grow year by year, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Plus, as domestic audiences get a taste for foreign movies and shows, as shown by the recent explosive success of "Money Heist", Netflix can look to double dip and make even more money off their foreign titles.

But while Netflix is the winner here, the real loser is the consumer. There are currently 10 shows slated for release in France, 10 shows slated for release in India, and nine slated for release in South Korea. The majority of these shows will either be delayed in their release in other countries, or will never be made available at all.

So while your Netflix bill continues to rise, they'll continue to make and profit off of great shows and movies you may never have access to. How scummy is that?

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