Mo's weekly recommendation corner - November 30th

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Our recommendations for the week's best TV series and movies available on streaming platforms span Disney+, HBO Max (US), Hulu (US), Now TV (UK), All4 (UK), ITV (UK), Netflix, Peacock (US), Apple TV and Prime Video.

Starting today, our weekly recommendation corner is moving to Mondays with titles to watch throughout the week. We'll be formatting a fit differently this time as well, with titles for each day of the week!

First, I’d like to shout out Godmothered and The Undoing this week.


Premiering on Disney+ on 4 December, Godmothered looks to be a thematic crossover of Enchanted and Elf, which sees Jillian Bell as a trademarked-by-Disney Fairy Godmother going into the “real world” to help her non-fairy goddaughter(?) do something.  If it’s anything like Enchanted, it’ll satisfyingly poke fun at common Disney tropes whilst having a pretty cliched (yet nonetheless palatable) story and a good treat for the family.

watch godmothered

The Undoing

Shifting gears away from Disney, HBO through their Max service has served some absolute gems and the one I’d like to highlight is The Undoing.  This stars Nicole Kidman in yet another awful, toxic HBO marriage.  The story is intriguing and follows her and her husband after the spotlight is shone on them when a parent at their son’s school is murdered.  If this sounds a little bit like Big Little Lies, it’s probably because not only is this too based off a book, it’s also adapted for TV by the same show runner.  I’ve binged all 5 episodes thus far and I’m looking forward to the grand finale.

watch the undoing hbo

Now for my weekly schedule:

Monday - November 30th:

  • The Undoing on HBO Max
  • New episodes of The Simpsons and Family Guy every week on Hulu

Tuesday - December 1st:

  • The Undoing - Once more, this time on Now TV

Wednesday - December 2nd

  • The Weakest Link - watching on Hulu

Thursday - December 3rd

  • Hell's Kitchen - watch on iTV Hub for free

Friday - December 4th

Saturday - December 5th

And of course, never forget my regular binge-worthy shows:

These are titles I watch whenever I have a chance, and are not sorted in any particular order.

  • Come Dine With Me - watch on All4 for free
  • The Sister, White House Farm Murders and of course, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! - watch free on iTV Hub
  • Strike and Inside No.9 - watch on BBC iPlayer free
  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - watch on Netflix, Netflix Canada has the latest season 6 episodes as well.
  • The Simpsons - watch on Disney+
  • The Boys and The Expanse - watch on Prime Video
  • Home Before Dark, Servant and Ted Lasso - Watch on Apple TV+
  • Law and Order, Saved by the Bell and The Good Place - Watch on Peacock