Mo's weekly recommendation corner - December 7th

Mo's weekly recommendation corner - December 7th

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*Our recommendations for the week's best TV series and movies available on streaming platforms include Disney+, HBO Max (US), Hulu (US), All4 (UK), ITV (UK), Netflix, Peacock (US), Apple TV and Prime Video.*

Aaaand we're back with another week and more great shows and movies! First let's shout out this week's highlights.

Into The Dark - watch on Hulu

Into The Dark really scratches my itch for a Black Mirror-type show that I've been looking for this year. The episodes are all feature length, horror/thriller movies which follow an anthology format. I love anthologies because, if done well, they really showcase some of the best of screenwriting. The first one I watched was A Nasty Piece of Work, which is kind of festive if you don't think too hard about it. I don't want to spoil it but, during the last ten minutes, my hand was just glued to my mouth due to the twists and turns. I'd highly recommend this for anyone who loves horror, comedy, social critique and some light gore, all with a sprinkling of festive spirit.

watch into the dark outside us

Upload - watch on Prime Video

Upload is a dystopian sci-fi comedy by Greg Daniels, the co-creator of The Office and Parks and Recreation, and is set in the year 2034. The protagonist is a software coder who dies and is uploaded to a digital afterlife; there, he finds out that he may have been murdered because of something he was working on. It's all very dark, but very funny. I've binge watched it twice, it's just that good.

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