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If you are a fan of science fiction, Dune is the movie to watch. Dune is considered to be one of the greatest science fiction novels of all time and is now a futuristic film in interstellar society. The recreation of this film holds a famous cast with Paul Atrides played by Timothee Chalamet, Chani played by Zendaya, and Lady Jessica played by Rebecca Ferguson. They tell the story of the family of Paul Atreides accepting the stewardship of the planet Arrakis, where this thrilling film is expected to leave the audience on the edge of their seats.

In this new film, these characters are on the hunt for a substance to extend human youth, vitality and lifespan. Dune's release date is on October 23rd, 2021 and many fans are excited for this film adaptation.

The best way to watch the release of Dune

The release of Dune is through HBO Max where subscribed members can watch the film from October 22nd onward. If you want to watch Dune but HBO Max is not available in your country, StreamLocator can help.

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After signing up with StreamLocator, you gain access to 70+ of the world's most popular streaming services, covering all genres within most countries. StreamLocator provides the convenience of switching your location to watch movies worldwide. As Dune is released in both theaters and HBO Max, you will have exclusive access to the HBO Max release no matter your location.

The Step by Step guide to watching HBO Max outside of the US

Step 1: Purchase a StreamLocator Hub to switch your location to the US

Rather than relying on VPN services, which complicate use and installation, we suggest ordering a StreamLocator hub. Our service provides access to HBO Max as well as US Netflix and 60+ other streaming services. This allows faster and easier streaming of Dune while providing other channels and shows to watch.

Step 2: Connecting your devices

After receiving the StreamLocator hub, you can set up and connect your devices to the “StreamLocator” WiFi network. Once connected, StreamLocator automatically sets you as a US viewer when accessing the HBO websites or apps on any connected device.

Step 3: Get a US payment method

You will require a US payment card and billing address when paying for HBO Max. We recommend StatesCard, your own prepaid US card. After gaining access to the card you will sign up and load it with funds to pay for the first month of the HBO service.

Step 4: Sign up for HBO Max

After connecting your devices to the StreamLocator WiFi network, visit Sign up on the website using your details but use your billing address provided by StatesCard.

Step 5: Install the HBO Max apps for your devices

The most effective way to use HBO Max streaming service is to install the app on streaming devices like your Fire TV, Apple TV, Smart TV or mobile devices such as Android/iOS phones and tablets.

Ask our experts at for instructions for your devices.

Step 6: Watch Dune on October 23rd, 2021

Our StreamLocator service enables access to your favourite films with ease allowing you to enjoy the experience. By signing up for our subscription service, you have exclusive access to the release of Dune as well as many other shows on the HBO Max catalog such as, Star Trek, Doctor Who and Scooby Doo showcasing the classics.