How to watch RÚV outside Iceland

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What is RÚV, and how can I watch it?

Ríkisútvarpið (RÚV) is the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service. They have two TV channels (one full time, and another for when there’s just too much content for their single-serving channel) as well as three radio channels.

They also operate a selection of websites, apps, podcasts, and mobile platforms to keep their viewers in touch with all the latest news, sports, drama and more.

For anyone with a need or a want to broaden their horizons into Icelandic TV, news, and culture, then RÚV is where you need to be. Both radio and TV are delivered live through as well as via their associated apps and platforms. All of their hosted content is available for 7–90 days after transmission—ideal for those catch-up and on-demand viewers.

There are over 400 programs added every week, covering news, sport, drama, comedy, game shows, children’s viewing, special events, and documentaries; primarily delivered to promote the Icelandic language, history, and cultural heritage.

You will find the odd popular international title in the mix; they ran Lost and Desperate Housewives to give you an idea of what occasionally makes the grade. Another popular staple amongst the Icelanders is Eurovision. You can usually find other global events included in their line-up—the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup make their broadcasts when they’re held.

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