How to watch Netflix Japan outside Japan

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What is Netflix, and how can I watch it?

If you haven’t heard of Netflix, then you probably shouldn’t be looking for a way to watch TV in other countries, when there’s so much untapped viewing for you right where you are! (Unless, of course, you’re a pure sports fan looking for ways to watch all the games, matches and fights you can’t access in your country).

Netflix is possibly the biggest name in streaming TV and movies in the world. There aren’t many countries who don’t have access to their shows, but part of its magic, and just as often an issue, is that every country has its own unique catalogue of shows. 

Yes, there are plenty of crossovers when it comes to mainstream Western and European viewing, but when it comes to somewhere like Japan, the catalogue of shows on offer is radically different from Netflix’s usual offerings.

Nowhere else in the world can you access shows such as Ahiru no Sora, Hangman’s Knot, or Grand Blue—and there are so many more. For viewers who love the culture behind those Japanese shows and movies, that seems a little unfair.

If that sounds like you, well, your problems are over. You’re in exactly the right place to receive unlimited access to all the Japanese shows and movies in the Netflix Japan catalogue.

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