How to watch Movies Anywhere outside the US

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Yes, StreamLocator does unblock Movies Anywhere

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What is Movies Anywhere, and how can I watch it?

Movies Anywhere is a little different to most of the services we provide a geo-workaround for. It isn’t a channel or provider as such; it’s a service that allows its users to stream or download any of the movies they’ve already bought from other providers. It brings all of your movie libraries into one place. How neat and organized is that?

So, wherever you bought your movie, you can watch it on your other providers’ apps and websites as well as on Movies Anywhere. It’s an entirely free service, that apart from linking your libraries, it delivers news of the latest titles, where to get the best deals, and also where all the bargains are on the classics and previous years’ favourites.

Movies Anywhere started life as Disney Movies Anywhere, with its content being mostly Disney-based with iTunes integration. Now, it partners with Apple TV, Prime Video, VUDU, Google Play, YouTube TV, Microsoft Movies and TV, Xfinity, FandangoNOW, Verison and DirecTV.

You’ll have across the board access to movies from Disney, Sony Pictures, Universal, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox.

Another perk is that you can add digital copies of your Blu-ray and DVD purchases to your account. Cool huh? Sadly, this only covers movies so far, and not TV shows.

As well as streaming your movies, you can download them to watch on the go. There are apps available for all the popular platforms, and you can download your movies to some of your alternative providers’ apps if you prefer.

If you’re movie-mad, there are plenty of other channels and services to watch on StreamLocator. You already know Netflix and Prime have vast catalogues of movies, or if you’re looking for some free services, why not try CrackleIMDb TV or FilmRise?

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