How to watch HBO NOW outside the US

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What is HBO Now, and how can I watch it?

HBO Now is an on-demand TV and movie service provided by the American premium television network HBO.

HBO is huge. It’s one of the most successful and popular networks in the USA, with an incredible amount of content: past and present.

Before HBO Now was launched, HBO already had a streaming service—HBO Go—but only for their existing cable or satellite subscribers. HBO Now is pretty much the same paid-for service for those without a cable subscription. It shows the same programs and movies, and just as soon as they’re shown on HBO Go; often, only shortly after the programs have viewed on-air via the cable and satellite channels.

Without viewers having to hold a cable or satellite subscription to such a major channel, HBO Now creates an opportunity for them to access the content they wouldn’t previously have had access to. At the time of writing, HBO Now has amassed over 8 million subscribers.

If you’re looking for a fix of Westworld, Silicon Valley or Veep, then you can tune into HBO Go for all the latest episodes. If it’s a movie you’re after, then you’ll have no trouble streaming just as many fantastic titles including IT, Yesterday and Us. Whatever you fancy watching, there are thousands of titles ready and waiting to satisfy every need.

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